Qu-ax German unicycles

I found a website http://www.qu-ax.de/index_800E.html that sells unicycles and parts. They’ve got a nice looking trials unicycle [that they call a MUni] with 48 hole hub, Alex DX32 rim and 2.5" tyre. They also sell a saddle shaped kinda like the KH Velo but without the lift handle. Apparently the cool-looking Qu-ax hubs are about 1/2" wider than Suzue and not as strong.

There are no dealers outside of Europe. However, there is a German unicyclist who acts as a dealer: info@municycle.com. His site is www.municycle.com and is in German. There is a pricelist on the ‘shop’ page: http://www.municycle.com/shop/qu-ax_preisliste.pdf also in German. With my high school level German and the help of the pictures I’ve figured out what everything on the price list is. From my preliminary enquiries postage [even to New Zealand] is quite resonable.

Has anyone on RSU ever bought anything from Qu-ax? Is their stuff good quality?


What price are their 172mm cranks? They look nice all though I don’t think forged aluminium will compete with machined.

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Thanks for the thread Jagur!

Peter: The “172mm MUni” cranks are actually listed as being 127mm in the pricelist from municycle.com. This kinda makes more sense as they are specc’ed on a 20" uni. 172mm cranks on a 20" would be awkward to ride. Nevertheless they cost 7.85 Euros per single crank. They also do steel 127mm, 114mm, and 102mm cranks all cost 3.70 Euros per crank.


I have the “proffesional / freestyle” unicycle.
It is holding up ok. The parts are cheap taiwanese stuff, but the wheel seems strong. Over all it is good quality for the price.
So far all I have managed to break (in ca 1½ years) is the seatpost.
If you need the 700mm seatpost I sugest you reinforce it

Dear Tony,
its nice to heare from the other side of the world.
QU-AX is in the market since two years , but its the biggest brand in “Europe” (in quantity).
In Germany unicycling increase a lot.
If you have any contact to the market in New Zealand, let me know. (Importers are welcome)

Fax 0049-5247-406298

Only one but fun!

Egon Becker

Its a dream of my life , to do a “bungee-jump” frrom the bridge in
New Zealand.