Qu-ax frame in UK?

Hi all,

I am wanting to buy a qu-ax RGB 27.5 frame and seat post but being in the UK i cant find anywhere to buy from that can deliver to me.

I have contacted Municycle and qu-ax directly but due to brexit regulations they are not able to send to me.

Does anyone know of how i can possibly get a hold of parts i want ?



Why shouldn’t that work? They also deliver to Switzerland and Switzerland is not in the EU either. You will have to pay import duty and VAT, but the VAT from DE should be deducted.

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Qu-Ax will not deliver to the UK after Brexit. I’ve had point blank refusals in that front.

Can only imagine any such item would need to someone come via UDC UK as the importer?…

Or have someone located in the EU buy it for you and then you pay them for it and they ship it to you as a private citizen @m00ms

Have you tried to email the CDK shop? Maybe Romain can arrange something for you…


this is absolutely hilarious. Must have political reasons. They also deliver to countries that are not in the EU. So why not to the UK? It’s inexplicable to me. I have been importing QU-AX goods into Switzerland for well over 10 years and made this brand big in Switzerland as I was the first importer. It was expensive (a unicycle cost almost USD 15 in customs costs per piece, there were a lot of customs formalities and costs), but in the end it worked without any problems.

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It was a while back but I had some communication with the owner of this site in spring 2021, which offers some Qu-ax parts and is based in Shoreham. You could see if you get any joy there.

Thanks Maxence, I have just emailed CDK so i will see what they say (fingers crosed) but i imagine it will be the same response being inside and outside EU but i will see.

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The problems with import and export from UK are very bad. Switzerland is in the EFTA and the Shengen area… the UK is not! We have a very complicated and poorly drafted agreement with the EU to import/export that has compounded things further by requiring incredible amounts of paperwork. The cost in the German side to produce the paperwork is 150 Euro whether it is a seatpost clamp or a pallet of unicycles. Then when the goods arrive in the UK we have to pay between £30 and £150 clearing fee. Then… duty and VAT. Duty is calculated on cost of goods + cost of shipping, including processing fees. Then VAT is charged on top of everything.

Do you blame Qu-Ax for refusing to ship to the UK?

UDC UK gets several pallets when we get enough items to make it economic (one frame would not), but it is hard as we have to sell at a very reduced margin or we are out of line with all retailers around the world.

BREXIT is very bad for the UK.


The EFTA has almost no members left; many have left in favor of the EU. A UK accession to EFTA would probably benefit both EFTA and the UK. I’m surprised the UK doesn’t do this. I’m not judging anyone here or making any assumptions. It’s just strange that you deliver worldwide, but to neighbors in the UK it’s supposed to be expensive and complicated. To me that sounds like politically motivated sanctions from the EU to make life as difficult as possible for the UK. We as Swiss have a different view of the EU, the majority don’t think it’s good, but good relations are important.

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Switzerland may not be in the EU but has all sorts of treaties with the EU.Brexit led to VAT changes which AIUI means businesses selling goods to people in the UK have to register for UK VAT. Probably not worth it if you don’t get a lot of customers.


Selling to UK as business would need to apply for a British VAT number - and subsequently declare VAT every month.

Given the amount we sell directly - to UK - this unfortunately makes neither economical sense nor the amount of paperwork would justify it, sorry.

This regulation was done by UK, not by EU.

Maybe in general parcel forwarding services can help. Just a random google: https://www.forward2me.com/


Brexit sure is bad for the UK trading sadly.

Roger no I can’t blame qu-ax for not shipping to the Uk , I asked my question just the see if there was a way of getting parts that I had missed or overlooked.

I’m definitely not questioning the rules which go way beyond my knowledge about it all.

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I once tried to create an export document via the postal website. From Switzerland it would be easy without any difficulties. Unfortunately I can’t help you because I don’t have this or a comparable frame in my range. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other retailers in Switzerland who have it in their range.

I’ve just had a response from Romain from CDK saying he can deliver to the UK which is a surprise in a great way.

I have no experience with CDK so I hope all will be ok with ordering from them.


CDK is the best uni French shop and Romain is very efficient + 5 or 6 times Word Champion at basket


Just a thanks to both Romain from CDK and Roger from unicycle.com who came to help with getting a frame for me.

I went with Roger and now have a qu-ax RGB frame and parts in need now which is fantastic.

Thanks to everyone who also responded to my post which was appreciated massively.

I wont get to do anything with it just yet ( hopefully over christmas ) but will post a photo once it is in one piece.