Qu-ax eleven wanted UK

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has a quax eleven they would like to sell me ideally uk based ? Currently out of stock everywhere ive looked.


Well I don’t really like mine on my RGB, but I haven’t decided what to replace it with yet so I’m not sure I can sell it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do wish to sell it I would be very interested in it, when you say you don’t like it how come? I have two and found that there awful to start with but then get comfy after a few rides.

I want another to put on a 26” that is collecting dust as I don’t like banana saddle, I don’t want to sell it as it was my first “proper” unicycle so il use it more once I can get one.

It’s on my MUni so it’s not had a huge amount of use, but the aesthetic sewing increases chafing (yeah I could just remove it), and I think I might just be too used to the KH Fusion One to accept the additional width and bulk of the Eleven.

ive heard of people removing the stiching but never known why so i do now! , I dont feel any chafing from mine and i hope i dont now that ive learnt that!

Rebecca Wiedener teamrider of quax recommends removing of stitching.


If you’re riding mostly sat down then it’s unlikely to be a problem, but in my case it’s when riding MUni as you’re constantly standing up and rubbing your legs on it more.

I do tend to ride in rather unsuitable trousers though (often jeans) which doesn’t help.

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