Qu-Ax Cranks

I was just wondering if Qu-Ax cranks are any good? That’s what I just noticed was written on the cranks on my Nimbus X. Just a’wonderin…

Ahem… :thinking:

Re: Qu-Ax Cranks

But you own the cranks! Cant you tell if they are any good by using them? :thinking:

also you waited only 3 hours on a pretty big holiday before exclaiming about the lack of responses. here’s an idea, shut up, think before posting, and do normal 11 year old things, like not posting on the internet all damn day.

Tyler I have a question for you, is it raining where you live? because if not go ride so you can get really good and become really really good

jeez, guys… “normal 11 year old things”? like unicycling? Asking questions?


Why do you care what he does on the internet? Are you gonna tell John Childs not to post on the internet, and do regular “grown up” things?


About the cranks: I assume they’re not splined. If they aren’t, I’ve never heard of them and wouldn’t know. Are they steel? Aluminum? If they’re steel, no worries if you’re doing freestyle. At least, I think not.

EDIT: “damn day”? It IS easter… not exactly damned, as far as I can tell.