Qu-ax cranks koxx hub

I just picked up some super cheap 125mm aluminum qu-ax cranks, so pumped about the deal I just went ahead and bought them, then realized the description saying they fit all Isis hubs but koxx. I tried putting them on today anyway and when they get about half way on they get stuck, maybe they’re tapered differently or something, I decided not to force them on any farther. Anyone have any ideas?

That means you have the old Koxx-one hubs which were not real ISIS. The koxx hubs were made slightly bigger than the normal ISIS which made it compatible with Koxx cranks only.

The only cranks that will fit you hub are Koxx-one old cranks, and the Onza Tensile (which are not produced anymore).

Ahh… Makes sense, thanks!

You can grease them up and force them on if you want. The only problem is it will stretch the interface and you won’t be able to use them on a non-koxx hub after that.

Yup, just ended up forcing them on there

They’ll fit, I used a couple sets over the years, never had a problem with the cheap cranks or the expensive ones.

Only cranks I had a issue with were new Koxx cranks