QU-AX 36" tire info

I am thinking of putting the ‘smooth’ QU-AX 36" tire on my Coker. Does anyone know their company number? Do they have office here in California? Thanks!

It’s my understanding that us ‘end users’ cannot order directly from Qu-ax. Instead, we must turn to outfits like municycle.com and unicycle.uk.com. It looks like UDC(US) is starting to carry their trials unis. I’m not sure how much other stuff theyre carrying at the moment though (ie 36 tires).

I’m pretty sure Qu-ax is based in Germany…or else some other german speaking country. Therefore, you can understand why their products arent the fastest to get to the US. You could contact Qu-ax and ask who the best distrubitor for someone in the US would be. I’m pretty sure theyll tell you either municycle.com or unicycle.uk.com. It might just be faster to email those two.

By the way, Quax’s website is http://www.qu-ax.com/.

I hope this helped and that everything i said was accurate! :astonished: