Qu ax 36 inch

I’m 6 foot 1
I have a Qu ax 36 inch uni, what’s the best crank arm length to use ? Or is it just personal preference ???

It totally depends what kind of riding you plan to do, though we unicyclists are all pretty adaptable animals. I don’t have much experience with 36s, but 138mm cranks were on all the ones I’ve ridden, and that felt OK. This table gives a good overview of the mechanics of this issue.

Unless you have trouble mounting I suggest you might have the most fun on 125s after you get use to the length. Still long enough to climb and stop but easy to spin fast. 110 can be dicey to stop in an urgent situation.

J Myers

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Somewhere inbetween 125mm and 160mm is common for 36", but it’s personal preference, and depends on the terrain you ride too.

I don’t want to be rude, but:
Using the search function I found 2 threads about 36" crank length in 30 seconds, you might wanna use that since it’s much faster than waiting for answers, doesn’t clutter up the forum and saves you the annoyance of being directed to the search function.
Also giving an appropriate title is appreciated. “Qu-ax 36 inch” does not tell us what this threat is about. “36” crank length" would be much more fitting.