Qu-Ax 36 inch Profi Marathon

Hi I have just today received my Qu-Ax 36
It has no brakes on it, but it does have the mounts, for what I think might be for Magura Hs33. Can I just buy a second hand front Magura Hs33 off say EBay, then fit? If yes, what else would I need for the brake set up, under the seat etc.
Also, how hard is it to free mount these? I have a 20 inch nimbus, I can idle really good on, free mount, and ride backwards on to. Is it really hard to make the switch from 20 to 36 free mounting ?? Any answers much Appreciated.

Besides the brake cylinders and handle, you’ll need the mounting brackets (http://www.unicycle.com/magura-mounting-brackets.html) and an underseat mount (http://www.unicycle.com/brake-mount-for-kris-holm-style-seats.html) (assuming you don’t have a handlebar to mount the brake handle to).
The hydraulic line length may need adjusting. A good bike shop can do that, or Magura sells a kit for it. A lot of guys ride 36’rs with no brake, so you might want to try it out first to see how you like it brakeless.
(Also, I think Terry “Unigeezer” Peterson posted a link to a mechanical setup that’s cheaper than the Magura hydraulic. You might want to do a search for that and check it out.)

Anyone can freemount a 36" with enough practice. It sounds like your riding skills are such that it shouldn’t be that hard of a transition. It will feel weird to begin with, but you’ll quickly adapt.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

edit: I just noticed that you posted this twice. To avoid confusion, just post the question once. The other guys’ answers are as good or better than mine.

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