Qu-Ax 36 Disc

A quick review of my 36". Frame The finish is good welded on brake mount and no flex so far . Wheel The hub is nicely made but the bright red is a bit bright for me the cranks are good 125 150 holes they look very similar to shimano bike cranks , not sure how strong they are but this is a road only uni the rim and spokes look up to the job the king George tire is silent and tracks good , it is a dished wheel and is about 2mm closer to the disk side but does not effect the uni. Saddle is a qu-ax 11 which has a KH base it is very similar to a KH street but has a slightly softer top layer so it suits me very much. Bars qu-ax loopy bar is good very stiff and light but the foam on the front is vanerble to upd damage I have seen the weight advertised between 7.1-7.7 kgs so pretty standard for a 36 the specs said it has a foss tube but I don’t know how to tell if it is , so far all is good but I have only done about 100ks.

For the FOSS tube, you can tell by the valve poking out of the rim. If it is a blue shradder valve it is a FOSS tube (should be marked also on the valve I think ).

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It’s a cool uni. I have its older brother - Isis cranks instead of their own system - and it’s a great machine! Just got the new lightweight tire for it, can’t wait to shake the flu off to try it!