I also toe-in, and I like less Q. However I don’t know if that would still apply if I were a hardcore technical terrain rider. My skills are such that I don’t think a difference in Q would matter much to me. My main MUni (Wilder/Profile) cranks flare out and I like it just fine.

The reason people who toe-out would like wide cranks better is because they tend to whack their ankles more. For the people who’ve had this problem, you know what I mean.

I think the KH Moments are kind of in the middle. Is that really 10mm? Total, or on each side?

hmmmm :thinking: good question…anybody know?

Dunno…UDC just says “10mm Q-Factor”.

I’m not even sure where exactly they’re measuring…

It’s 10 mm on each side

Having nothing better to do, I just used a straight edge across the tire of my 07 KH20 to make a baseline. I measured a Q of 10 mm on one side.

thanks. is this considered high or low q-factor?