Purple and Blue - Martin&Josef Sjönneby


A video we did for the videocomp in the Swedish championship. As you can see, it was the first time we tried out twixtor wich created this result.


Love the whole thing. Even if the twixtor looks a little weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Mycket bra! Tack for such great vid.
I really enjoyed the riding and this kind of “fairytale” feeling. And I was disappointed that it finished so quickly.

Great video! I really liked all of the different coast combos! The trials were awesome too, the hop onto the logs then onto the sign was amazing!

I so like this video, realy good riding editing and fliming!:slight_smile:

really like the video!
josef, king of coasting tricks!!!
and martin 9spin, really impressive, looks like you’re getting damn good at flatland aswell :wink:

what’s twixor?

I love this video so much! Josef, you have the most amazing scuffcoasts I’ve ever seen, 1:00 and 2:03 were just beautiful. Also, right after you landed 270-360-450 with no hops I was like “woah, smooth!” but then you added 270-180-270 side and I was literally speechless. Martin, your sidehops are really crazy, like that first one onto the log. I was sure you were only going to pedalgrab that sign at 0:50, when you went straight up I literally yelled at my computer. Both of you have a really nice style, it’s relaxed and flowy. Especially Martin’s 900, it had such nice style it was like “yeah, I just busted a rolling 9 to seat in, NBD.” :stuck_out_tongue: And I couldn’t tell who it was, but the second guy who did reverse sidejump (backside jump?) could have easily done it with a 180. And the backslide was ridiculous too, loved it. :slight_smile:

It was sick riding with you guys at EUC, and please keep making these awesome videos!

Sick video guys! I have no idea what a twixtor is but I loved the diversity in your riding.

Look forward to the next one.

Really, really, really nice vid…
loved the close ups and cam movements…
Hope to see more, SOOOOOOON!

so they use adobe after effects to edit the video? if so, is it easy to use for video editing?

We used Sony vegas to edit this video. Thanks for the comments you all!