Pure street

Here is my pure street vid…
I know: the editing and music are shit :stuck_out_tongue: but I didn’t found something else… and I’m not that good at editing :o

I hope you like it through… :slight_smile:
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ps: for the people that more love to watch trial vids= My friend (Arne) and me will make a very good, high skilled(hopefully) vid in some months :wink:
(with better editing ^^)

Very enjoyable vid! :smiley: I love your street style, there should really be more vids like this

Awsome video, Nice rolling hops. :slight_smile:

There was some crazy things in there, some creative stuff too. You need someone to film you (and yes, the song is bad :stuck_out_tongue: )

wow that was crazy :open_mouth:

you are so good at street now and i really like your style (;
the bails at the beginning looked pretty hard :stuck_out_tongue:

keep up that cool riding tim (:

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude!?!?! When I saw the footplant at 1:03 I almost came!

Still watching…

2:38 ahhh sticky pants

Ok done watching.


Good skills but really boring to watch. It had no flow (because all still shots, which made it even more boring). Also it was too trials-like; it wasn’t pure street in my opinion.

Strials is Street! Even sidehops can be Street!(not that I saw any :))

Boring to watch maybe, but when I watch videos like this, I see the potential, and i appreciate =]

I didn’t think that it was boring to watch. Loved the footplants and your rolling hops are huge. Great job!


That was sick! If that isn’t Street, then I don’t know what is! Great flow, original style, high quality tech tricks and plenty big stuff in there too, what else could you want?
I understand when people complain about filming techniques, but I feel your pain. There is only so much you can do with a tripod, so well done for getting out there and filming anything of such a high standard.

Well done mate.

Very nicely said. It wasnt the best video out there, but you have a ton of potential. Really cool to see.
Really liked the footplant with the frame spin(?) or whatever you might call that.
And like chris said earlier, you are a beast.

I thought it was pretty good. Wasn’t really flowy and the song/edit was kinda bland, some of the shots were pretty awesome.

The foot plant was sick! The crank flip on the rail was also real nice. Awsome vid! You have a very cool/creative style.

I thought this video was great!:smiley:

I liked the big bails, steep grinds, 360 twist and flip off the big drop at 1:13, flip on the low rail, and crank grab - flip at 2:06.:slight_smile:

Sweet vid. You should try grind the kink in that rail at 2:50.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO, why did it end :frowning:

I wanted to see more, i just love your street style :slight_smile:

Just sick riding :astonished: All the handrails and the other stuff was great too :smiley:

very big level:)!Nice vid!

good to c some street! i didnt think sum41 fit too badly. could hav found somthing that fit better for this editing tho.
it was a really good level of riding, but too many hops. i think street looks alot better if its all rolling and with minimal hopping. i also really liked the strials stuff, and the way it all fit together into a street style. but with the first and last handrail, i can c u had no run up, but i dont think there is an uglier way to grind a handrail (not that u had a choice) :wink:
there was some cool creative stuff in their and overall this video was quite enjoyable.

Really awesome style man, loved the song and the riding. :slight_smile: 180 gap over the pole thing was really sweet. everything else i really enjoyed but people have mentioned them!