Purchasing a new uni

I’m going to be purchasing a new uni pretty soon. I’m kinda of a beginner, right now I have a random 24" uni from a local bike shop, and I can do standard beginner stuff like hoping and the kickup mount and whatnot. I think I’m gonna go with a trials uni, I’ve been looking at the nimbus trials, but I’m not really sure. Any suggestions on buying a second unicycle at my skill level?

Nice dude. a kick up mount is real good for a beginner! The 24 is fun for getting around and an inexpensive uni from a bike shop will tend to break down when learning lots of tricks. If learning tricks, (urban street and flatland) and general beating on it is what you hope to do, you can’t beat the price of a nimbus trials, and it’s much more durable than an inexpensive bike shop brand. a nimbus trials rig is well worth it; you can’t go wrong there. if you are going distances and off road, a larger wheel would be better -and nimbus is still a great way to go!

I would recommend a K1 since they are really cheap at many online stores right now.

For around $200 you can get a unicycle just as good and probably better than a standard $300 Nimbus Trials.

Why aren’t those more popular? Seems like a 200 trial thats better than a 300 dollar trial would be more popular?

They’re French, and it used to be somewhat difficult to obtain them outside of Europe (although they were avaliable on sites like rennegadejuggling).

Also, they haven’t always been this cheap.

They’re good though right? those sites didn’t have much info on them

The fact that they are described as professional quality but no real info is given seems iffy.

I would just like to bring out a point mentioned above about wheel size, and add one about weight. As a beginner myself, the differences that wheel size and weight of the unicycle make are sort of shocking, whereas these differences are probably much less noticeable for experienced riders who own multiple unicycles.

Regarding wheel size, if you like to go anywhere on your unicycle, you probably don’t want a 20"–it is really slow. Joggers (even those that aren’t particularly fit) will run past you!

The other factor is weight. I’ve been riding for a few months now, and my normal ride is a Nimbus II 24". My son has the Nimbus trials 20", and we bought him a nice Nimbus 24" MUni. It is a cool Muni for sure, but the weight gives us both trouble. My son just lacks the basic strength to do all his usual tricks (he is < 85lbs). For me, as a less skilled rider, the weight just makes it more difficult to ride overall. In fact, I have added a knobby tire and better pedals to my Nimbus II, and I like it much better offroad that the real Muni, although my “off roading” is pretty mild (jogging trails) compared to the stuff you see on youtube.

Finally, if you have the option, go with the Kris Holm freeride saddle upgrade. That has probably helped me more than anything, as I can ride longer without discomfort.