Purchasing a new MUNI?

So I’ve been interested in getting into MUNI after riding for a good bit of the days over the weekends. Sadly I’ve been riding up and down the hills of western Pennsylvania on my 19inch KH trials unicycle. I’m debating whether to get the KH 24 Muni or the 26 Muni. I’m leaning more to the 24 because I’m a relatively small person and feel that the 26 wouldn’t allow me to go up hills very well or hop over obstacles very well. Please give me some feedback from past experience. Also I was wondering what size crank would be ideal for each muni.

My bad, I was comparing the 24 and the 26 , discard the 29 comments :angry: , 29 would be insane for me to try and ride up hills. SO now the comparison and feedback should contain 24 and 26 reviews. Thanks

24’’ or 26’’ is realy personal preferance( as well as crank lenght), I have never tried a 26’’ but do have a 24’’ so I can’t compare the two from first hand experience, but from what I hear the 26’’ is slightly faster.

A stock KH26 is a bit lighter than a 24’’ KH (5.8kgs for the 26’’ http://www.krisholm.com/khu/kh26 than 6.4kgs for the 24’’ KH) although alot of that wieght is in the tyre.

I think a 26’’ may roll better than a 24’‘, but a 24 is slightly less manaourable. A stock KH26 from KHU website has a much smaller tyre (2.3’‘) than the 24’’ with the 3’’ tyre, so it will not absorb shock as well as the 3’’ and proberly won’t hop as well I guess.

If you search the forums a bit you will find good infomation of 26 vs 24, a 26 will have more tyre choices. A 26’’ with a 3’’ tyre will be heavier than a 24’’ with a 3’’ tyre, also I have heard 26’’ are harder to control going downhill with the same cranks.

A Stock KH26 may climb better than the KH24 because of the lighter tyre, but I have not tried out a KH26 so this may be incorrect. You should try and find out if someone in your area has a 24’’ or 26’’ you can try out to see what they are like.

EDIT: Here are some threads that may help you

Hope this helps.