Puny Muni

Oh Yeah … knees sore and soul soaring. Got out on the trail at 10:30 and had a goody! Did the short-cut hike in to jump right onto the XX Trail and try and overcome some of them there rock gardens and log piles. Drops included! One of my aims was to triumph over the “Camelback”, a wooden bridge/climb thing with a sorta-skinny and skinny turning to the right. The approach is slightly uphill and right after a turn so I side hopped and got over. Took a wee bit of of going through. Felt good to get that. Conquered a log pile that has been kickin’ me arse spongy! As well for the first time got through some of those ankle- breaking rock gardens.
Rode on through and then cut into the X Trail to get back to the trailhead. Now that I am getting to know these sections I hope in time … and only time will tell … to build up my lung-power and crank ass through these singletracks. Uphills = A Whimper.
Stopping to go over the logs and rocks 6 or seven times was great, taught me a lot and helps me see lines for the next time. Also gave a time to video some. What a cool addiction… But some folks actually watch this stuff. I do.
It was a perfect day… 62º and guilt-free…

Fun looking trail and your drops are getting a higher each time! Soon you’ll be doing 6 footers!:smiley:

:)super cheery:)

nice roll at the start of the x-loop :slight_smile:

Cool vid! funny song tough :smiley:

T’is a fun trail! Yeah … drops are a jolly time. Thanks Terry … you set the bar for me.

A happy cheery thankee … I think?!

Finally!That one has been trying! Thanks :smiley:

I like a funny song and it seemed to fit somehow.

We’re sorry. This video is no longer available?

Naw Mang …all is good.