Pulling a trailer with your unicycle?

I´m new to the unicycling world.
The idea of going on a long tour sounds like fun, but without a support vehicle, how do you carry all your stuff?

Has anyone experimented with a trailer that you pull with your uni? I imagine there would be some hinders to overcome, but it shouldn´t be impossible?

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Let´s not focus on what can´t be done, but instead brainstorm a bit and see what we come up with!

If this has already been discussed, could someone please post a link. I didn´t know what to use as a search word.

I put a little kid bike trailor on my uni once, but i did ride far with it. It worked ok, it was a little weird at first but not too bad, It wasn’t very practical for me cause I didn’t need to cary anything, It was just an experiment.

well for one, you can have a nice big hydration pack that you can keep food, water, bandaids, more food, extra clothes and other necesseties in. then, you can strap a sleeping bag under your seat or behind your seat if you have the T7 handle.

I think thats all you would want, but I’m not sure.

I think a wagon type thing would be a pretty bad Idea, because it would be heavy, and it would be really awkward to pull it because you would have to lean forward alot. I think it could possibly flip over on turns too.


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The idea is that the trailer removes the need to carry a heavy backpack.

I´m talking about bringing a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and general camping stuff, so you wouldn´t fit it in a backpack. Not one you would be comfortable riding with anyway.

More ideas?

well if you had that much stuff in a trailor, it would end up being around 35 pounds(including trailor) which would mean it would be hard to pull(I think)

also, you would probably want big wheels so that it would go over bumps better, but those would add even more weight.

u cant attach a bike trailer to a unicycle(ive tried)ud have to make a new like hitch on it

he said he didnt want to hear what cant be done.

Hand truck?

Mail supplies ahead of time to the post offices on your route?

I’ve been planing on a 180 mile, 6ish day Coker ride on the C&O Canal. About 42 lbs of stuff (everything that’s not flesh and blood) including the 20 lb Coker with about 13 lbs (including 6 lbs of water) on my back, the rest under the seat. It’s amazing what you can pare it down to if you really try. Most food will be gotten on the way, the lightest (0.457 lbs) bivy I could find, 1 oz stove (that I plan on using two or three times), titanium pot, to warm for a real sleeping bag so just a silk liner and three sets (two changes) of clothes. at this point, sleeping pads are for wimps :wink: - I bet I don’t say that the first night in the bivy! :astonished:

Sounds like an excellent project, I wish you luck with it!

I know UL is the way to go, but I still think there could be a way to do it “slow and heavy” too :wink:

I don´t really have a specifik project in mind, as much as I am trying to find out if pulling a trailer with your uni is really feasible.

i disagree with skianduni, it is absolutely possible to pull (certain) bike trailers behind a unicycle, as smcmorrow and I have done so this year (there are pictures of his sister riding it in his gallery i think)

Unfortunately, Ive never tried riding for any distance on it, and can’t attest to whether it would be practical or not.

I was wrong, the image wasn’t in smcmorrow’s gallery, but i know i’ve seen it somewhere…i’ll try to find it

Here’s my version of a trailer unicycle. Enjoy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Trailers are horrible on bikes, let alone unicycles.

If you really wanna carry all that gear, strap the sleeping bag to the back of your seat, lightweight tent is 2 or 3 lbs so can go in a daysack on your back, use a lightweight sleeping bag. sleeping mat straps to the outside of your bag if you really want one.

Most people take way more stuff than they need camping. If you have lightweight gear it needn’t make your bag super heavy.

Personally I’ve done some 150 mile rides just with a big camelbak, sleeping bag attached to the uni, and a bivvi bag inside the camelbak.

The big problem with taking loads of gear and going slow, is that you inevitably half the speed you can go, so for a given distance it ends up costing more.


I’m so tempted to try my unicycle trailer idea hahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and see if i can adjust/modify it to meet my specification. Which is preety much running errands, you know shopping etc. :smiley: :smiley:

You didn’t say that when you were staying in a tent you could stand up in, lying on an airbed and placing ornaments on the shelving units up in Yorkshire earlier this year :wink:

I agree with BluntRM though. If you know your itinary for a long journey then posting supplies to each stop off is by far the easiest. You still need to carry emergency tools as well as a days worth of food, drink, clothing and maps, but that is quite easy to get in to a smallish pack.

As an aside, I was staying with friends over xmas, and unicycled the 6 miles or so to their house with a back pack full of 7 litres of beer, many presents and changes of clotes etc. The beer was all packed low down, and I was surprised as to how well the uni handled.


Ok, so no trailer then.

But I guess you could still fit quite a lot of stuff in front of, and behind the seat, as long as you distribute the weight properly?

I never have a ready itenary. Takes all the fun out of it. But it also means you have to carry more stuff, sadly.

I´m trying to tell myself I don´t need a Coker right away. Only been unicycling for 6 days after all. But it´s no use. I know I would never be happy with anything less.

I´m not really ready to give up on this idea.

Pulling a trailer with a unicycle may not be very practical, but then again practicality isn´t really why we ride unicycles anyway, is it?

I have som ideas about a project. It involves ski mountaineering equipment, and my Coker. A trailer would be essential.

Rather than a bike style trailer, I wonder if there’d be some way to pull a hand cart of some kind, ie. attached to you rather than to the cycle?

I’ve ridden with a bike trailer. I didn’t attach it to the unicycle though. It was the kind with a tongue that comes up and attaches to the seat. I just held the tongue in my hand. I found that it works much better pushing it in front than pulling it behind. You constantly have to correct it though cause it likes to veer off your intended route. If you wanted to get something a few blocks it might be worthwhile, but for distance it would just wipe you out.