Public trials exibition

I know that there are trials competitions and so forth, but what about a public exibition, specifially designed to promote our sport to the general public. Something could be put together and organized to resemble an X-games type deal that would draw big crowds, like at Venice beach in summer! :smiley: That would be cool!

that would be awesome, whenever i go to ride street i try to explain to people who are interested that its much more than just clown/parade stuff.

it would be awesome to have an event that featured all the aspects of the sport in a public place…hmm who is good at organizing stuff?

it probably wouldn’t be too hard to get it involved as part of a bigger event. The people who run bmx/skate comps would probably agree to a bunch of uni’ists if they asked for a slot in the comp to do their stuff - the crowd would love it too… :slight_smile:

^^ thats a good idea, maybe if i can find some more trials riders around this area who are interested i could get us a slot at a skate comp around here…i know alot of shop owners and stuff hmm…

John Foss is good at organizing stuff(I think)

that would be soo much fun! I think we should have it somewhere in california or nevada area, then I could come.

anybody whanna do a simmilar thing on the eastcoast maby in providence or new york?

Public exhibitions are a great idea. Part of the problem may be insurance issues. I was talking to Darren Bedford a while back and I THINK(I am not sure), he said that he was having a hard time doing any more public exhibitions due to insurance requirements. There was money that needed to be paid upfront that was just too pricey for his uni club.

I haven’t been down to Venice in years, but it seems like you could just go jump around on stuff as a group, but along the strand there are too many people, especially on a weekend. I think the cops might kick you out. John Long would, would know best, as his crib is in Venice.

But, here’s an idea. A few years ago, I was playing hookie from some teacher training at the LA convention center and went into the LA bike show instead. Inside was a small area cordened off for bike trials riders. They had a tractor tire, some boxes and some rails.

I would suggest that this would be the easiest place to start out for an exhibition. I am not up for organizing things much anymore these days. Just too much family things to take care of. But for anyone who wants to pursue it and has the time, it might be a way to go.

Terry, for the public exhibition at Venice, I would try LA parks and Rec. and also pursue the LA bike show angle.

Just my two cents.


There is a section at venice beach where skaters play around. Grind rails, small half-pipes and walls to hop/drop. It’s kinda like a mini skate park. I’ve ridden my trials there a few times and had no problem. It’s pretty much open to anyone.

dude, someone needs to get involved with a bigger event, like a huge concert or something, the sixflags thing was good, but i think that it would be awesome if some of us could get involved in the shows … like last year there was a bike/skateboarding show (i havn’t gone this year) what if there was a unicyclist too?
that would be sick!!

There are gonna be unicyclist on that show on ABC, ‘Master of champions’ something like that.