Here’s one I’ve not seen addressed…

Any recommendations for a beginner as far as tire pressure for street use?

the lowest you can pull off without hitting the rim. i’m a pretty big guy (6’4 180 lbs) and on my 19x2.5 tire i run something like 22 psi for street, a little less if i’m not doing big drops. it’ll vary on a ton of stuff, mostly your weight, so experiment and find one that works for you.

on the wheels it says 40-65… i usually keer 40-45, nice and low for the wheel

well dont do what i did… the very begging i had it at like 12 psi if not a little lower… just cuase it was REALLY bouncy… but once i filled it up to about 18-20 and learned how to compress the tire… my hops got alot huger…


Do you mean “street” as in “street freestyle”, bouncing up on benches and ledges and such, or do you mean you’re just a beginning unicyclist riding on the streets?

The advice you’ve gotten so far is for the former. If you’re the latter, I generally recommend riding with the pressure as high as the tire will go.

I ride at 20 psi or so, and what the tire says doesn’t matter.