Prospected Muni Setup

This is how I’m planning my new Muni to turn out. If theres anything in this that you think could be changed or altered to better the outcome I’d appreciate it.

GB4 24’’ Frame
Profile Poznanter Hub/crank 170mm
AlexDX32 rim
Nokian DH tube
Nokian Gazza 24/3’’ Tire
Bulletproof pedals
Home built Torker air seat with ballistic nylon cover GB4 stiffener and Reeder handle
the seat post that came with torker (If it fits in frame???)
14g Spokes from
Primo Viking 2-bolt seat post clamp

And I think thats it…anything you’d change? I’m gonna try the torker airseat because, well, I already have a torker saddle.

Re: Prospected Muni Setup

Are you planning to ride through thorn thickets or over broken glass? I have a DH tube on my street uni and a normal tube on the muni (don’t ask), and the DH tube is noticeably heavier than the normal one. By the sounds of it a normal tube is perfectly adequate. I guess if something is sharp and beefy enough to get through a huge tyre like the gazz any inner tube isn’t really going to be much of an impediment…

Unless, of course, DH tubes are the norm for everyone who hasn’t been badgered by Roger? :slight_smile:


I’v got an intense tube on mine, with an intense tire. Not by any means a light combination. but I am never worried about pinching, even if the pressure is a bit on the low side.

A downhill tube is used (needed) to prevent pinch flats if you are running a low tire pressure and you jump on and off stuff that will drive the rim hard into the tire.

Your list of components looks good except the seat post. If the GB frame accepts a seat post larger than 22.2mm you will be doing yourself a disservice by not using a larger one that fits the frame. I would go with an aluminum one with a rail adapter - it’s lighter and allows angle adjustment of the seat. Adjusting the seat angle is very important to me for comfort.

If money is an issue (when is it not?) then why not consider the KH hub and cranks rather than the Profile? The difference in price will more than pay for the better seat post setup. I like any kind of splined hub and cranks where the cranks pinch the axle. However, the GB frame will have to accept the larger diameter bearings that are used with the KH hub.


I’m assuming he has a seat and seatpost from a black Torker unistar. The black Torkers have a 25.4 mm seatpost. The GB4 frame also has a 25.4 mm seat tube. The Torker seatpost will work.

Another seatpost option would be the GB4 seatpost. The GB4 seatpost is available in both 22.2 mm and 25.4 mm and it is angled up slightly compared to the Torker seatpost. A seatpost with an adjustable angle would be better, but that’s more expensive.

Unfortunately the Torker seat has the Miyata/Torker bolt pattern. To use an adjustable bicycle seatpost you’d need to get the KH rails bracket which is $69. For that price it would be better to ditch the Torker seat and instead get the Kinport rails bracket for $23 and a KH seat.

Well I do think I’m getting a gb4 seatpost with a brake mount because i want to eventually get a brake…I just dont know if i will get that righ away the torker however i go will be only temporary…Does anyone know if the air pillow conversion with a torker black saddle is the same as with a miyata seat…seeing as how they look pretty much the same in construction?

Finally! Another Intense rider. Gazz is mediocre at best compared to the Intense 24x3.0 DH. All of that 4-ply thickness. That’s my favorite tire, I’ve got it on my muni.