"Proper" Seat height?

Anyone willing to write some sort of article on how high the seat should ideally for the different types of unicycling… (i.e. Trials, street, freestyle, MUni, etc, etc)

Thanks :slight_smile:

well I say:

low for trials (more height, and you won’t hit yourself doing big drops…)
High for freestyle (longneck; seat clamp is out of the way)
Street I can’t really say, whatever you prefer? I haven’t learnt any street tricks yet so thats why, but I imagine a medium height (easier to pedal faster)

Hang on, wait a minute… IPSWICH?! dude u gotta get a train down to colchester and ride with us each weekend!

Edit: only cos none of ‘‘us’’ can afford train tickets… :thinking:

Hmmmmm, I think I wanna get a new unicycle before coming along to ride with you guys… how many of you are there? What kinda unicycling do you do?

ATM, I’ve just got a beginner 20" unicycle with a stupidly short seatpost, and I’ve got saddlesore to such an extent that there was blood. 'Nuff said. :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve been unicycling for like, almost 3 years though, just never really got 'round to doing cool stuff…)

It is all preference, you just have to go with what is comfortable for you.

Street = medium / low / very low
Freestyle = very high
SIF trials = medium / high
SI trials = low / very low

Basic guideline. It is up to you to get the optimal hight that suites you best.

Well theres up to 10 of us (of which I taught everyone :smiley: ), but theres usually around 5 or 6 are available to go out at once. Some of us do some basic sorta freestyle, some drops… and a lil bit of street (without the tricks :thinking: !!!), and some trials (and the 5/6 that don’t can just about ride forwards, a little bit of backwards, and learning to hop). It’s just whatever we feel like doing really; it’s fun that way I think :slight_smile:

Well, if you take a look at my youtube profile, the majority of the videos are us unicycling … obviously the newer ones are better than th older ones :stuck_out_tongue:

And I didn’t even post a link :astonished:

Trials - 4 inches bellow your belly button
Street - 6 inches bellow your belly button
muni - I dont ride it but I think I would like about the same as Trials
Freestyle - 2-4 inches above your belly button

You typoed :roll_eyes:

it all depends on what kind inside each kind.
if you ride SI trials you want a low seat.
if you ride Sif trials then you want a high seat.
muni if you do few/ no drops then you want a high seat (almost straight knee)
with big drops you want it somewhere lower that that.
freestyle- high
i like street and flatland high, but thats probably just me.
most street riders i know ride with a low seat though

I use lower when I learn, but higher when I get better, id that means anything at all. A smaller uni is easier for me to toss around and spin, but I get mroe flow with a higher seat and can pedal better.

i like my seat medium high for big street and medium low for SI trials and medium for rolling hops :smiley:
that might just be me though


I started with my seat pretty high but soon realized that I could hop much higher seat-in with it low.

I managed for the first time Monday to hit myself in the face with the seat on a seat-out hop. Yes, it was painful and left a nice cut on my jaw…but at the same time is an accomplishment. It means that I’m finally pulling the uni up high enough and developing proper form :slight_smile:

There is no “proper” height, everything that has been said so far is just personal preference. Everyone likes it at a different height.

HAHAHAHA…i did that for the first time today tryin 64 cm lol but i did get 60 cm by the end of the day…beat my old record by 4 cm…i ride my seat as low as it goes…for everything…but all i do is trials and flat so it doesent really matter but i have noticed when ur wheelwalking with a low seat it tends to slip allittle

Give enough room to clear your sack when you go seat out, but not so low that you can pick up quarters or schillings off the ground.

I am still experimenting seat height on my KH20, I like it low for tricks, mounting, and SI hops. Downside, long rides will make you very tired. I might never find the perfect height that I am comfortable with.

I used to ride with my seat quite low. That’s how I liked it. But then I started getting knee and lower back problems slowly and slowly. I wasn’t sure if it was from uni, so I just ignored it, but then I noticed that it hurt after(and during) rides.

So, I raised my seat by about an inch a few days ago and now it feels much better. I can do most tricks practically the same, except for high rolling hops. WW feels much easier, too, even though I rarely do it. And SIF trials is definitely better now. Plus, I ride with a much straighter back now, which is good.

eh, im prty sure my freestyle would fit under the category high… not very high, but many ppl on my team make fun of me for it being high. i think girls usually prefer it a bit higher and guys a bit lower for freestyle, but rly its just a matter of preference. for street im prty sure im under medium, haha my street is actually slightly taller than most people… so that part was accurate… tho i would definitely not go w/ very low. Muni should be where its comfortable to sit and ride but also has a few inches clearance btwn ur crotch and the seat for the more technical parts… i agree w/ both of the trials… even tho i ride SI trials at street height, many would say my seat is to high. as i said, its a matter of preference.

Here is something you can try and it works…
Measure your inseam and set the height of the seat to your actual inseam. Measure from the bottom of the crank to the middle of the seat, not the top. That would be an ideal position to ride long distance. If you don’t feel comfortable, you sure have a good starting point.