proper crank tightening technique

I just got some crank arms to replace the ones I bent. Hurrah for
crank arms.

I greased the hub where it makes contact with the cranks. I placed them
in, hit a few times with a rubber mallet, tightened the bolt in place, hit
a few more times with the mallet, tightened a bit more.

I rode around the parking lot a bit before climbing onto a 3’ table and
jumping off. Riding out of the jump, I noticed there was some play in the
right side. Well, so much for this evening of fun.

I confirmed that the problem is with the right crank arm and not the hub
by swapping left with right.

So, what did I most likley do wrong?

(if of any use, this was a suzue cotterless hub and aluminum bicycle
euro cranks)

Jeff Lutkus

Oh yes, compliments to Chris Reeder on the frame. So far, I’ve broken one
seat, bent one set of crank arms, and the latest damage to the above
cranks. The frame, however, is doing wonderfully. Well, some day, I’ll
manage to make it out of the parking lot without breaking antyhing.

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