ProjectUNI Computer Game Release

I apologize for the double post however I know quite a few of you don’t frequent JC (myself included) and I feel as though its relevant to unicycling and a few of you may be interested.

We have released an early and largely incomplete yet moderately entertaining version of ProjectUNI, the 3D unicycling computer game. To learn more about it and to download it check out the more informative post I made in Just Conversation: ProjectUNI Release

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I agree that it should be on here too, I never go to JC…actually, I think JC should be scrapped all together, but that’s another subject I guess. :slight_smile:

Buried on page 6 of the thread in JC is a mirror to download much more efficiently.

This game is pretty cool for a demo. I don’t play many computer games (basically zero) and I have always hated 3D games pretty much in general, though I haven’t played any newer 3D games, so I don’t know if they’re all like this, but I really like using the keyboard for forward and backward and the mouse to move around. I like that much better than having to move forward backward left and right and then move a “camera” to follow your action. So, good job on that aspect.

I think it’d be cool for a single player game to add the difficulty of having to balance. Forward/backward would be too difficult/annoying I believe, but it seems like if you were to take out the keyboard left and right, which is the same as the mouse left and right, and then reassign keyboard left and right to a revamped strafing that actually tilts you left and right, that’d be quite cool. It would add the balancing feature to it, and also allow for much longer and more realistic side hops.

I’m sure you’re probably not in the taking advice stage anymore, but that just seems like it would add not only a level of difficulty but also much higher realism…

But anywho, for what it’s worth (not even 2 cents really :slight_smile: ) I like the controls of this game better than ANY 3D game I’ve ever played (however few those may be).

It looks great. There were a few texture issues, but I’m running it through wine under linux, so that’s probably the problem. I love the animations of the rider, very impressive