Project uni

I have never built a uni, but am hoping to build myself a nice street, trials, flatland uni. How’s this look? any better alternatives? Would everything work together?

-Nimbus 36H Eclipse LT Narrow ISIS Hub (Gold)
-Kris Holm 20 inch Trials Frame Powdercoated Neon Green
-Nimbus White Trials Rim
-Onza Sticky Fingers 19 inch Trials Tire
-Kris Holm Adjustable Post - 25.4
-Kris Holm Street White Saddle
-Kris Holm Double Hole ISIS Moment Cranks - 110/127mm
-Animal Pedals (9/16) Unsealed - White

Not that i have a clue. But this is kinda related to your post :slight_smile: If i want to replace a tyre on my unicycle. What tools would i need to dissasemble it then put a tyre on it then reassemble it and would my local bike shop have the right tools?
Kayakingtwin :smiley:

The Eclipse hub is meant for the new skinny freestyle frames and won’t fit in a KH frame.

Other than that it is all preference, but I would go with a 32 hole Nimbus hub and Try-All hOle rim and a Monty or Try-All tire. I have a pair of 137 moments with a second hole at 114mm I drilled myself that are awesome for trying freestylish tricks.

If you are using the short holes on your dual hole cranks you will probably be putting your seat up high, but you will also want to be able to have your seat way down for trials. This is where you need lots of adjustment in multi-use unicycles. I swapped out my KH frame for a longneck so I could go higher than before and still drop the post down to trials level without swapping seatposts.

Kayakingtwin: all you need is a allen wrench for the bearing holders and a pump. Having some good tire levers can also come in handy for smaller wheels. Your bike shop will have everything needed.

If you are getting a KH frame you will need a 27.2mm seatpost not 25.4mm.

you will either need a 5mm allen key or a 10mm spanner?