I got my 1st unicycle for chirstmas and i think im learning pretty well so far. But i read somewhere that as soon as you can ride about 30 meters then you can ride indefinatly. Well this simply isnt true, i get to about 40 meters and im exhausted. I am abit unfit, and it is only a 20" (cause i thought freestyle was the coolest). I also read somewhere that it’s important to sit on the seat. well, i dont think i do that all the time, its so much easier to keep it under control when ya lift just a tiny bit. i do loads better that way, but now my legs feel like lead.
will i simply get more staminer in time, or do i have to learn to sit and control it simutaniously?
any tips appreciated :slight_smile:

you have to sit.

keep at it., you’ll get in better shape. and for the love of god keed yer ass glued to that seat. as much weight as you can possibly put on it without your feet coming off the pedals. seriously.

Check to make sure that your seat isn’t too low. While sitting on the seat and your heal resting on the bottom pedal, your knee should have just a slight bend in it.

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it will tell you more than you would ever really want to know

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The thing is, since you’re new to unicycling you haven’t been using some of the muscles you’re now using. When riding a bike for example you don’t put much pressure on the back pedal. Most people experience what you’ve experienced and soon get over it.


i just checked and it wasnt quite high enough. all sorted now, thanks. gonna go back out and see how long i can last :slight_smile:

its so much easier when your sitting on the seat to ride :smiley: