Profiles, $250 shipped. 36/48 black/silver

I’ve been working on this for the past month, and finally it’s paid off. I need to get an order of 10 sets of Profiles to make this price happen. Expect shipping time to be one week plus the time it takes for the parts to get from Florida to your location. A UPS tracking number will be provided. Here are you options, if you have any questions/comments or are interested then drop me a PM or e-mail.

Please select from the following.

HUB: 36 hole / 48 hole
COLOR: Black / Polished
CRANKS: 145, 160, 165, 170, 175, 177, 180
COLOR: Black / Polished

Yes, your eyes aren’t decieving you, a 48 hole version of the Profile setup is available! Enjoy the deal!


does this have to happen soon, or just when you get enough orders? cuz right now im in need of another profile set, but dont have any money yet.

is there a possibility to get the hub in a custom color at that price? how does payment work? do we individually pay profile or do we pay you then a group payment to profile?

one more thing, does that price include bearings?

That price does include bearings.
The first order will go in when I have 10 orders, if you don’t make it in that order than you’ll have to wait until the next. Currently there are 3 definate orders already. Payment will be done through me and then sent to Profile. Cash / Check / Money Order / or Credit Cards are acceptable. They’ll be run through the bike shop, Acme Bike Shop, that I’m working with.

Also Dirt Jumpers are available for an extra $10

good deal i wish i had the money. 48h is a great new setup. but what would it be used for?

Many people have expressed interest in a 48 hole hub setup. There are a few a 20, 24, 26 and even 700cc rims available in a 48 hole pattern. This just opens up the availability as to what can be built in terms of a bomb-proof setup.

4 orders in, 6 to go.

by 20 do you mean 20" or 19"?
so far i’ve never heard of a 48 hole mod trials rim. it would be kind of nice though. given that these are probably like hens teeth, you might want to source them too.

i’ve already got a lovely trials setup so i won’t be after one of these for a while.

can you post to the uk? also i presume the set comes with the lifetime warrenty? if so does this warrenty include general wear and/or misuse eg crazy drops?:slight_smile:

I can post to the U.K.
Plan to spend some extra $$$ to cover the shipping cost across seas. The warranty should stand, I think Profile built them knowing we’d be doing crazy stuff.

So 20’’ rims and 19’’ rims are different? I know that sounds like a stupid question but I thought a 19’’ rim took 20’’ tires so people just called them 20’’ sometimes.

most of the trial rims being used are 19", but there’s an abundance of 20" rims.

ok, after 4 hours of riding my new Mod I’v gone through 3 cranks and 2 pairs of pedals. I think im almost garenteed to talk myself into this one.

Being able to build another bomb-proof trials ride for $100 less was what helped me decide.

5 down, 5 to go.

come on people, let’s make this deal happen!!!


could you set up a purchase number or code directly through profile for this group buy? this way, when you have enough people to get the discount, the individual can give the purchase number or code to profile with there payment and then the discount would come through once all 10 people have submitted their orders. people may feel more at ease dealing directly through profile and it may be easier on you so you don’t have to handle all of the money. just a thought.


I already contacted Profile about something like that. It’s just too much hassle for them, and the shipping department. I’m getting all this through the bike shop I’ve been doing work at. All orders will be shipped from Profile to the bike shop, and then distributed by me out to the “people”.

so whats the wholesale price on a Profile hub/crank set?

Pretty damn close to $250. The one thing that’s killing me is the 7% sales tax.