what do you guys think of thier hubs and arms,also are they worth the money

never tried em, but ISIS is the thing to get now…IMO

They do have a life time warranty…

I’ve heard they can break, but still…life time warranty…

And the cranks only come 145mm+

For the price though, I’d still just get a K1 or KH hub and cranks and if anything ever breaks just buy new parts, most hubs and cranks made by K1 or KH aren’t going to usually break anyways.

Warranties like that are more of a promotional thing. Kh is cheaper, easier to use and probably will not break. Has anybody even really had trouble with them yet anyways? ISIS also makes crank shopping alot more fun, you can get any style you want, that means you can use the kh hub for trials, muni, freestyle and etc as your interests change.

accually in defect, someone snapped moments…or stipped em really bad enough to make to crank go flying off like 15 feet, and caused a pretty good UPD

That was a profile, moments are new.

imo, i think the profiles may be better, but may be a little much. profile cranks have been around for a long time, they are proven to be amazing. plus, i think that 48 spline is still better than ISIS, if ISIS was so great you would see it more often, 48 spline is used on a lot of stuff. i do know that ISIS tried to get into the BMX scene and then went away, this was like 3 years ago too. honestly, i would much rather have a profile set up over anything else, but yet im not even as close as experienced as a lot of people on here, i ride bmx, thats why i trust them more. i may be wrong about ISIS not being better too.

Trials bikes and mtb bikes use isis, it has proven itself. Bike trials is really tough on stuff, people used to run profiles on old mods, but now just about everybody uses isis.

Seriously, I don’t think any of us will really have a problem either strength wise. Isis, is not nessicarly so great, but its creak free and alot more people use it in the uni world so why not?

Most Trials bikes use ISIS, same with XC, DH, and any other type of mountain bike.

In recent years the lifetime warranty has been brought seriously in to question, it only covers certain parts of the hub, and there have been various reports of them refusing to pay up on what seem to be legitimate claims. Also if you’re outside the US the increase in initial cost and postage to get parts replaced makes the warranty more or less useless.

Like bob said, that was Justin K with profiles. Defect was filmed a couple years before the moments even came out.

I’ve seen BMX setups with ISIS before…and mountain and trials bikes use ISIS as well…

One of my LBS told me that DH MTBers were moving away from ISIS type interfaces. That the bike community adopted and quickly changed their minds. According to him they were having trouble with the aluminum splines holding up to their abuse and that the technology was pretty short lived. The setup he claimed they were moving towards was some sort of external bearing setup I did not understand at all, other than it would not work as it was for unicycles.

He is correct in a way.

Outboard bearings are definitely the way forward.

Because of outboard bearing bottom brackets, you can have a more straight crank, causing less bending force on the spindle, keeping the twisting forces obviously.

DH bikes rarely brake cranks, so much suspension on them that it’s hard to break anything really. Wheels are probably the most common thing to break, and derailleurs.

BMX riders apparently break cranks a lot though… not nearly as much as us Unicyclists though, so really, ISIS is fine… and we should stick to it.

yup, so have i, and if you read my post you would have known that too. i said that ISIS started to come into the bmx scene, then went away.