profile warranty card

my profile hub/crankset got here the other day (:D) and I was filling out the warranty card when I got to the part that says: Dealer’s Signature.
was supposed to sign this before they sent it? if not, then what should I put there?

soo, does this mean I need not worry about the warranty card at all?
and if I bend or break a crank, do I just call up and ask for another one, or what?

That’s the way it worked for me when I broke a Profile crank. I called up and asked what to do. They said to send the crank back to them and they’ll handle the warranty issue. The crank in question came with my KH Pro muni and I didn’t get a Profile warranty card with the uni.

The important part is to keep the receipt and other records of the sale that shows that you are the original purchaser of the hub.

i never got one:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: i sent in the little regisration thing but never got jack:( :frowning:

ahh, good, I was worried about what’d happen if I didn’t send it in in ten days like it told me to. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been wondering about that myself.
What if my cranks outlast the place I bought the cranks?

Our main unicycle suppliers are all quite fragile (as companies).

idk and bedford r pretty established companies right now

Sure, for now. Physical illness, death or various other misfortunes could put either business out of business. “Established” means more than “currently profitable and desires to be so for several years.” My guess is that neither company has even gone through the proverbial litigation yet.

That’s when the warranty card and your receipt will come in handy. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I have neither for my muni and my trials. My only sales documentation for those unicycles are the sales records that keeps.

Ohh, you mean established like Bikes USA, Schwinn, Eastern Airlines, Kinney Shoes, Enron, World Comm, Wang, etc…

I would say that is as established as any of those companies. They have a physical building, inventory, employees… if something happened that the Drummunds could no longer run the business, it would continue on. It has value and someone would want to keep it going. Very few businesses have any more security than theirs.

im near breaking point with my profiles that i bought from US.

the reason i havent broken them is because i didnt fill in the warranty card upon purchase because it was a long time ago and i thought id never break them, stupid me.

so does that mean i can get a new pair even if i break them.

bare in mind that i am in australia and profile and are in america… oes that mean i have to send my broken cranks back to