Profile Trials uni..just a feeler..

I might be looking to sell or trade my trials uni, or i am looking to trade it for a muni.

The specs:

  • Yuni Frame w/ a brushed steel type finish
  • Profile Cranks and hub
  • 19" Alex DX trials rim
  • Luna Tire(i would send a new Creepy Crawler with it though since the luna probably only has a few weeks left in it.)
  • Red Eastern Brand Pedals(supppper grippy)
  • And the seat and seat post are both generic, the seat post is super thick though and has withstood lots of abuse, the seat is very thin and is awesome for street or trials riding.

i am also willing to throw in:

  • a pedal that has been made perfect for rails/ledges.
  • An extra trials frame
  • KH fusion seat w/ handle(the seat is awesome besides a bolt on the bottom is broken off)

Its a really nice uni, but i am getting bored with trials/street and would rather have a nice muni to take to moab…
If you are interested shoot me a PM or email at jollincones at gmail dot com
I will try to get some pics of it up here soon.

I’ll buy the Fusion seat for $8

how much for profile stuff

eh…maybe, but probably not… and just to clarify, i was looking at everything earlier and the fusion’s back to bolts are snapped off. I had forgotten that i snapped both off…

But if i sell or trade(i would prefer to trade) i will include a nice seat…

also, i dont really want to part it out.

so, make me an offer.

Is the profile/alex laced up as a wheel? or is it seperate? 100 bucks.

Its all laced up…and nice and tight.
I have kept it really nice…

100 bucks for what?


150 for the wheel (all I really want are the hub/cranks, I’d be taking it apart)

check your pms