profile, just how strong?

just out of curiosity, has anyone broken a profile hub yet?

and what part is most likely to break?

and can someone explain why it creaks so much?

Re: profile, just how strong?

I’ve seen a friend of mine do repeated 5-foot drops on his United trials uni with a profile hub and 145mm cranks. He keeps bending his seatpost but not the cranks or hub.

Someone had posted a while back that the trials unis were laced using a 4-cross pattern which is strong, but on a 20" rim puts the spokes and a tight angle to the hub so they end up squeaking against each other. My Hunter would start to click occasionally, and tightening up the crank bolts got rid of the noise. Regular tightening of the bolts seems to have kept it from creaking at all, and apparently it’s a normal occurrence for them to loosen slightly with use.

Chris Reeder has managed to break a Profile crank at one of the welds.

Idaho Joe (I can’t remember how to spell his last name) managed to get the axle and keyway to slip in the hub. Joe is a big guy and does a lot of steep downhills which puts a lot of force on the keyway. He posted a message a while ago about how he used epoxy to glue the axle and keyway in the hub body. I’m not sure how well that fix has held up.

If there is going to be a failure in the hub I would expect it to be the keyway. There is only so much that a steel axle press fit in an aluminum hub body with a keyway can take. Eventually the keyway will develop slop because the aluminum deforms.



Was your “creak” quiter, louder, or about the same as the creaking in these videos?

Just curious,


(Still havent done anything about it yet)