profile hub?

Okay (forgive me if i did not use the right keywords in the search as i found nada) what is a profile hub exactly???

It’s a splined uicycle hub made by a company called profile. The hub is the bit at the centre of the wheel, that all the spokes attach to, and on to the ends of which the cranks fit. 4 seconds work on google came up with this picture of one, along with matching cranks.

slight correction…the hub and crankset is called profile…the company name is poznator. they mostly make bmx and mountain bike stuff but the profile hub and crankset has abeen adapted for unis aswell.

Actually i think it’s a Poznantor hub by profile. it was named after David poznantor who as far as i remember designed it. He also tested it and desided on the current model which we all thank him for ! Profile is the company and poznantor is the specailty hub!

<EDIT> ooops sorry your right i didnt read it correctly…my bad. disregard my earlier post.

profile makes all sorts of other bike goodies. company = profile. the hub has a lifetime warranty and is arguably the strongest one available.

the reason its so expensive is becaus of that no hold lifetime warrenty…its been said that the nes KH/Onza hub/cranks are justa s strong if not stronger…and definately lighter…profiles weigh a ton.

Someone’s exagerating like a zillion times.:stuck_out_tongue:

ok not a ton but the set wieght like 3 libs

I would like to see 2 unicycles with the same set-up, except for the hubs, one will have profiles, the others will have KH. Get a rider to do the testing, and put each one through the same tests, like drops to flat, with and then without a good roll-out, doing some street.

Then at the end of the testing, tell us how each one stood up, i think that would end some questions about the hubs, but raise so many more lol

I think they would both hold out just fine. From what I’ve heard, it takes more than a couple drops to break either one (like a zillion drops, or one drop off an outhouse).

i invented em!

I dont think kh/onza is stronger I think it’s about as strong tho… but it’s prooven that the kh hub makes a way better wheel build(stronger wheel)