Problems when building our Unicycles......

I dont know if this has been done, if so lets have a more recent one here!

What problems have you encountered when building a Uni. I hope from here some fellow riders can avoid or find solutions in the future when building.

Lets kick off. Im not sure how to put images with descriptions so i will just post each event separately :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning: Low level Stupidity and High stress content below

wanting a flat seat before Kris’s fusion Zero came along…


Choosing tyre sizes… and wanting something carbon fibre!


New Unis arriving with wood under the rim tape or odd size crank spacers…

Tube, tire and tyre lever issues… Dont ask…

Spoke lengths can be a pain… as can that funny Onza spline if you dont like 165mm cranks on a 24" DH Muni

Please get put your discs on the correct way if you have alloy carriers… Grinding bearing cups may be needed if you can not get correct tension on them…

This one my disc bolts i ground back slightly and the side face of the bearing cups… It was required.
The spacer used for the crank that put pressure on the geared hub cir clip… that was not necessary in the end. I used loctite and the correct tension on the geared hub crank bolts and it was all good finally!!! Over 300km and going strong!


Those QC issues look a bit embarrassing for the manufacturer.

having done pretty much every assembly task on a unicycle (bar swapping bearings), the biggest problem i’ve had so far was fitting a t-bar. Aside from the fact that the screws are a nightmare to tighten and require an insane amount of force, the thing just didn’t like to stay straight… Also for some reason the replacement KH bolts rust up really quickly.

Disc brake adapters should never need this… I had the disc on the wrong way ( alloy carrier XT) and i think i was trying to mount it inside the frame?! I dont remember but i wasnt drunk as i have never had alcohol. Obvious reasons… Silly enough without needed that stuff

Baby steps. try not cut a post too low its hard to stick it back on… Rule of thumb ( Terrible expression sorry Ladies ) Have the post next to the frame and saddle at bell button height. 2" or more from the clamp down cut there. Perfect!

Ebay carbon bar extensions… Dont tempt yourself. Yes they are not on a correct angle from the manufacture…

Transport ideas and work/ display stand ideas for your Uni’s!

Please add any further build problems you found or foreseen. I hope you like this array of issues i overcome.

Only other think i will mention in regards to these images i have since altered my Geared Muni setup after riding Wildside Mtb Challange. Those are running the seat at just below belly button height, Converting back to the KH twin handle bars instead of my single handle, and in regards to discs. I found bigger doesnt mean better or more practical on my Uni. I have swapped my 203 Xt for an Avid HS1 160mm.

Many thanks to all in our Unicycle community and to Kris’s release of the new Zero Saddle


My KH26 Guni Custom

Frame: Matt White
Hub: Schlumpf 1:5 (1.33 Please)
Rim: Mavic Ex729 Tubeless
Spokes: DT Swiss
Tyre: Schwalbe Hans Damp Enduro 2.3 - Presta Valve
Cranks: 110/137mm Spirit
Pedals: Nukeproof Neutron Mg/Ti
Brake: XT front Lever, Avid HS1 160mm Disc
Handle: KH touring - Cut Short and narrow
Saddle: Custom flat Alloy base, KH street Foam/ Cover

Soon to be a KH Fusion ZERO!!!

Hi davejh

sorry to hear… Try some loctite on bolts and carbon paste on the tubes then tighten much as you feel safe to without stripping threads. I havent an issue in those areas even used a quick release on the extention at one stage!!! Hope seat post clamps are awesome!

hi there, it isnt actually the clamp for the handlebar tube thats causing the problem but the mounting brackets that attach directly to the base of the saddle. This means that the handlebar is slightly off perfectly straight but is well within my tolerances.

Hopefully its just a problem with that particular saddle and that particular t-bar that is the issue. I intend to buy a fusion zero as soon as they turn up here (why don’t they come in white :frowning: ) so hopefully it wont be a problem. As for the bolts, i’m planning on switching all of them at some point anyway to stainless.

I’ve thought of putting a QR on the extension but decided against due to the fact that i carry a 4 and 5mm hex key when i ride and the brake lever makes swapping extensions a long process.

Oh where the mounts attach to the saddle base… Hope your new saddle fixes this for you. Im sure Kris will bring out other saddle colours soon too.

a problem now i think of it i had with the saddle bases is when i used to ghetto flatten them with a heat gun then straighten out the plate with the threaded nuts, they used to be a pain to get the bolts in once its all assembled again. the nuts werent aligned properly or easily. Once they grab and go straight it was smooth sailing. Never experienced an off center touring bar though. Sound very annoying. i love my Muni KH touring and my other Kh touring bar with Aerobars mounted. Thanks to Terry (Unigeezer) for the idea there