Prizes for Moab?

So is anyone else donating prizes for Moab? It’s a lot more fun when lots of people go home with cool stuff. It’s part of the fun on Saturday night to see what people brought to give away.

so does it matter what we bring for prizes? and while we are there will there be a schedule on the days events?

I have a brand new Kenda Kollossal 2.6 DH tire, that I was thinking about bringing, but I was wondering if it would be worth it to give away? It’s not ‘that’ great of a tire, but someone could probablly use it…

I rode for a year on a Kenda Kollossal. I loved it. Someone will want it, I promise you. You’re going to have everyone there from people just learning how to ride on Savage unicycles to Kris Holm and the like, so a Kenda Kollossal will be perfect for someone who has a frame that won’t accomodate a 3" tire. My first year, I did Moab on a Schwinn with a 2.1 inch tire. I would’ve killed for a tire like that back then!
Seatposts, used leg armor (hopefully washed :slight_smile: ), wrist guards, seatpost clamps, homemade uni bumper stickers, anything would be great. My first year, I donated a life-size balloon unicycle (the BUni). Some little girl picked it out of all the other stuff because to her, it was the coolest thing there.

Okay, that’s what I was sorta thinking…

I’ll donate it.