Private Party Torker DX 24" on ebay

Only “1 hour of use” on a 24" DX on ebay. $185. Looks like the latest model but can’t tell if there’s a reinforcement ring on the seatpost tube, so it might be the 2006 model. Still not bad. The $20 flat rate shipping seems more than fair so this looks like a good deal if the bid doesn’t go much higher.

It doesn’t seem to have the reinforcement ring but its still an awesome deal.

Yeah, they have a lifetime waranty on the frame anyways, don’t they?

And what % of them break anyway? Can’t be that many, and you’d probably have to be pretty rough with it to break it.

tempting… i need a 24" for MUni but i can’t really afford it after getting my last trials

Very few, this is one thing I’ve actually really been trying to tell people for so long. I have both a trials and a muni DX, with unreinforced frames and neither has had any problem. I’ve ridden them both very hard for that past year and there is no sign of trouble.