Primo Viking Clamp is way too big

I got a black Primo Viking seat post clamp and it doesn’t even come close to making contact with my frame or seat post.
Did I get the wrong size? Should I return it or put some shims in it? How should I make the shims?


I had the same problem to, the primo seat post was to big for my uni so I returned it and found a smaller bmx, I suggest you do the same because by putting shims on you wont be able to get the clamp tight enough. Also where did you get your clamp from? if you got it from a mail order store measure the size of your seat tube and email them asking if they have any in that size, what I did though is I went to my local bike shop with my uni and tried the new clamp to see if I fitted before i bought it.

The primo viking comes in many sizes, and if you’re using a 7/8 seatpost, you might have ordered the 1" thinking that’s what you need. Or, something like that. They do fit a little loose though, if it’s less than 1/16th loose than you probably have the right size, otherwise probably not.

did you flip it over and try the other side? :astonished:

Actually, a 1" Primo clamp is the right size for a 7/8" seatpost - the clamp size refers to the seat tube. My LBS has a catalog with two sizes of Primo Viking: 1" and a 1/4". I very carefully asked them to order the smaller of the two, so they did the opposite. I had to wait an extra week for the replacement.

yeah, that’s the idea I meant. I just wasnt sure which way it was. Thanks for the clear up.

Yes I did but even when tightened all the way on the skinner side it sill was to big

So you mean you didn’t get a banjo?

Nope I got all the right parts…Kind-of :frowning: