Primo "the wall" vs the Hookworm

which one is better?

the Primo is 2.1 and Hookworm is 1.95 wide. how much bigger does the Primo turn out to be when mounted?

is the Hookworm accually wider even though it says its 1.95?

honestly, I would br compairing the primo 1.85, which I like more than the 2.1, and the hook. I like both primos, but in many situations I find the 2.1 too heavy. the 1.95 and the 1.85 are similar in size, but I think the hookworm lasts longer as a street riding tire, and the primo lasts llongers as an indoor freestyle tire.

thanx Max,it seems like your the only one coming to my aid latly on these freestyle questions.

i watched this thread slide to the bottom all day.i was waiting for a reply before i made my next order (look out Robbie,Jagur’s calling 1 800 UNICYCLE tomorrow)

the Hooky it shall be.

I think however you’ll be pleasantly happy with either.

oh maybe?

im going with the Hookworm because it is rated for 110psi too.

i wonder if the grey/orenge one is a softer compound than the black?

I’m using the Primo 2.1. When I tried it out with 45 psi, it was like riding around on glass. I seem to like the 34 psi setting, but I wonder what others like.

If the hookwork goes to 110 psi, what does that feel like on a gym floor?

Also the tiny knobbies wear off the Primo pretty fast. When should you replace the tire? The big square knobbies seem like they would last forever.


I run about 80+ psi in my Primo 2.1. When it gets below 60 it starts to feel too soft for a freestyle unicycle.

I may have to secretly pump up your tire at the next practice. :slight_smile:

Can you re-apply the knobbies’ knobbies? Do those do anything, or are they just there to make me consider buying a new tire way too soon? I notice the hookworm has no knobbies, and “How many knobbies would a hookworm have, if a hookworm could have knobbies?”

I’v heard that flatlanders run up to 140 in thier primo’s, so 110 isnt a problem. if you want that high a pressure of course.

what size does the primo come in? i can’t seem to find any 24" tires. also, since we’re on the subject of freestyle/trials, i can’t seem to find too many trials pedals reviews. so far, john childs recommends the aircorps but are there any other good pedals for light trials?

i’m so bad at this thread jacking. sorry…

yeah you are, this has nothing to do with trials. but to answer your questions, some decent cheap pedals are Snauf’s, oddesssey twisted or south gate, primo tenderizers, dk iron crosses (although slightly heavy), cheap wellgo’s, and odessey twisted PC.