Primo Tenderizers

what do people think of them? How long do they last(bearings) etc.

I don’t ride 'em, but I know they’re very heavy, and also very burly. I personally like the snafus better. I was given a set, and yesterday I tried to pedalgrab over the thin edge of a 2x4, and the snafu’s lack of center pins made it much easier. I wouldn’t be able to do that on any of my other pedals that have center pins.

I love mine! All the bmxers seem to love them too. I kept breaking cheapy wellgos. I think ive had my primos more than a year and they’re still going strong. The concave shape really holds my foot. The pins are really burly so you’ll need to mod a pedal somehow if you wanna grind well (i made a grind plate).

They are a little heavy but its totally worth it.

My bearings made a little ‘clink’ once upon a time after some big (dumb) drops but it resolved itself soon after. There is still no play in the pedals.

Go for it man! :slight_smile:

My right pedal seems to need to be rebuilt after about 100 miles.
I can hear the bearings when I ride.
It’s probably my fault since I rode through water once.

The pedals are extremely heavy, but overall worth the $30.

I ride them on my trials uni. They are very grippy for pedal grabbing and such. I was riding with Dan (Heaton) a while ago, and I noticed he also uses them. So far I’ve had no problems with mine, except, I have 1 or 2 pins from pedal grabbing too hard onto cement.


How heavy is heavy?

really heavy

I can’t tell you in grams, but they feel like they’re twice as heavy as Wellgo’s. They do make a set in Magnesium which feel about the same weight as a normal pedal. I wouldn’t want to grind with the magnesium, however as it is very susceptible to abrasion damage and the mag version costs twice as much. The additional surface area of the Primo’s make them comfortable. Perhaps remove some of the pins to make grinding easier?

thanks, does anyone know how heavy exactly that would be really helpful. Over here magnesiums are only 5 pounds more so I’ll think about those.

They’re really not heavy enough to worry about. When you first put them on you might notice a little difference but you will get used to it. Sometimes i switch off with my friends KH (exact same with wellgos) and i really cant notice a weight difference, just a grippy difference. :wink:

I have a set in silver laying around. Never used them.
I bought them to put on a temporary unicycle, but ended up getting a Summit the following day. $18 shipped if you want them.

I love mine. They’re rock solid, wide platforms for muni, and I find them very grippy. Don’t have a lot to compare them with…they were the first pinned pedals I owned. Like them lots more than the wellgos that come on the KH/Summit trials.

I learned to Respect them early on:


I want them. I will send the money today. My current ones make noise and at the rate I am going, I will need another pair soon. I am currently repairing the expensive Wellgo pedals, but I think I drop my municycle too much or something.

According to The Wobbling Unicyclist review, the Primo Tenderiser pedals weigh 752 grams (each?). I have a pair and I don’t find the weight of them to be too much, they seem to grip OK too. There are pedals which weigh more, for example the Shin Burger pedals which are supposed to weigh 835 grams each pedal (according to a review).

I dont think those pedals are heavy at all. I actually think they are some what light. Right now i have dk iron cross pedals on which are heavy so when i put primos on they feel extra light.
All in all, dont worry about the weight.

They are nice pedals. I like mine especially when I’m riding durring/after rain. My feet would slip off other pedals when they were wet, but the pins hold on tight.

However, they held on to my shins just as tight while I was learning to ride backwards. Scars to prove it.

A dust cap came off the right pedal somewhat early on, so some sand got in the bearings, but WD-40 was all it took to clean it out. Some duct tape and a piece of cardboard later, I have a new dust cap, which has served me well.

Sounds like I’ve had my sale stolen. Thanksfor the offer Accord.
ps: thanks for the weights!

Can anyone tell me HOW to get the dustcap off?
My right one needs “maintence” but I the dustcaps are scratched up with the rest of the outside edge of the pedal. Is there a special tool?

Mine came off while riding down a hill. I fell, but my uni took some harcore hits, just bouncing and flipping and generally looking dangerous.

But judging from your description of the outside edge of your pedals, I get the sense you’ve already tried that…

Try a sharp pointy object to wedge it out. Get it between the pedal and the dustcap, and start a wedgin’. It’s hard to say the least, and no, there aren’t any tools for this.