Primo rod weight?

Does anyone know the weight of the primo rod? I know its heavy, but how heavy is heavy? Right now I’m looking at getting either the Rod, the Odyssey Junior post, or the FMF powerstick seatpost.

Any info would be great.

I have no clue, sorry.
Just putting it out there that a masterpiece Thomson seat post is 80grams :astonished: . So beautiful, and very strong.

There are different sizes/lengths but a 25.4 x 280mm primo post is 494 grams according to

The Primo Rod is heavy for sure but it seems to be really sturdy. I have been using the 22.2mm primo rod post on my coker for over 2 years now and have had no problems at all.

As far as weight goes…

Shows the 25.4mm wide 280 mm long version being 494g

EDIT: Spencer beat me by 2 min

I got a used masterpiece for 25 dollars! Light as hell! Plus it is so pretty :smiley:

Be aware that single bolt seatpost designs like the Odyssey Junior are prone to slipping when used for trials, or muni. The single bolt can’t clamp down tight enough reliably. Eventually you’ll land a drop and the seat angle will slip under you.

The double bolt designs like that PowerStick (and the Thomson) will hold the seat angle much more securely and also allows for more fine-grained seat angle adjustment.

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