Price estimate for 24x3" non-splined MUni?

I’m letting my old “Max Traction” go. It’s a MUni from the days that
splined was still somewhat expensive, I think I bought it in 2002. I
rode it (never hard) till 2004 when I bought my KH24, so it has been
gathering dust since then. Specs:

  • KH 1st generation seat
  • Halo Combat rim
  • Duro Wildlife Leopard (aka Halo Contra) 24 x 3" tyre, still good
  • Nimbus 2 frame
  • 170 mm Bicycle Euro cranks
  • VP-502 pedals with removable pins
  • Everything in good condition except that one spoke is broken (but
    wheel is true and stable).

The specs are between the Qu-ax Cross 24" from (169
euros) and 24" Nimbus MUni from (160 GBP =~ 237
euros). Say a current newprice would be some 200 euros. What would a
reasonable selling price be, without shipping?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”