Price Check

I found a 24in 2007 Torker LX for 119.00 (shipping included from I am going to give it another week. If I don’t find one for less, I’ll order that one. Do you know where I can get that model for less than 119?


i dont know if you had your heart set on a 24" but here is a 26" for 75 bucks

it is a sun…but its alot cheaper

that’s not too bad of a price.

how does that one compare to the Torker? This will be my first one and I was told the torker would be something I could ride for a long time. With shipping the Sun is around 100 bucks.


ohhhh this is your first unicycle? you know how to ride?

I dont get it, is it supposed to be funny? this is where i got my 24 inch lx and its cheaper than your site.

Are you kidding me???

Don’t get the sun, go for the Torker, you wont regret it.

This is my first and I don’t know how to ride yet. Thanks for the help. That’ll save me 10-20 bucks.


i started out with a sun i got at my lbs. it lsted me 6 monts befor i had to upgrade to a Nimbus. i dont recomend it. if all you are gonna do is regular riding go for it, but if your gonna try any trials or street go with somthing stronger.

eBay has one for $107 shipped.

I would rather buy one from a store that you guys think highly of. Like bradscycles or…I’m not such a huge fan of eBay. i would rather support the shops that support us.


don’t get the sun, they have issues w/ the cranks, go for the LX