(pretty) new vid!!

Here’s a link to the video which was awarded the third place during the video contest of the last french uni cup:http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=168450&g2_GALLERYSID=1766a01be6aba433b4e35f03bf4a50e4
Nothing realy BIG but I love the way it mixes free style, trials, street, Muni and so on… Maybe it’s because I’m in it (black Tshirt with White design on the back, black helmet and red KH gloves).
Special Guest Star: UNIRENE:p :smiley: (we’re so proud she lives here for a few months:) )
Enjoy and please feel free to comment, I’ll do the feedback to the authors (who don’t browse this forum)

Awesome riding! :smiley: In the end, did he really pull it out, the UV thing? :roll_eyes: Just kidding…

well its still loading but from what i’ve seen its pretty good. I liked the seat dragging part that was awesume

Thank you for posting about it here. I really had fun to watch it again!!
It gives a good idea of the ambiance of that club and I absolutely like the “Monoxyde” touch!

Vives les Bretons!
(hey! Nantes isn’t in Britanny!?)

is dan doersken in tthat?

I liked the UW stuff, and the double seatwhip… that looked hard.

Irene is great…

That was very nice video. It had just the right atmosphere in it what´s unicycling all about, atleast I feel this way.
And with those astonishing tricks you pulled out… man. I have to say that that was the best video I´ve seen in a long time.
And remember to inform us when you have made another one

i liked it a lot.
it made me laugh and i could understand bits and pieces of the speaking.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

awesome vid !!! :roll_eyes: :smiley: I’ve really enjoy it :smiley:

Thanks zzagg for posting about this vid here !!

Great Video

Going from one Ultimate wheel to the other was amazing.

It was great to see so many people unicycling together, it looks like a good bunch to ride with.

That one will be getting saved to my video folder.:slight_smile:

Need translator

What is the conversation between the guy trying to hop up on the porch as he laughs at what the guy says who can only be seen by his hand and glove as he speaks?


He says something like “Damien is the only guy who rides trials on a 24 inches uni…” as this seems like masochism for Pierre (the “glove” man).

(hey! whats wrong with trial on a 24… I started trials on that kind of uni:( )

the movie title comes from this scene (translation: “ACUN ROUE… or why does Damien ride à 24 inches uni”)
ACUN is the name of our club. ACUN’ roue (pronouce “a qu’une roue”) is the uni section.
Mitriprius is one of the authors (see a few posts above) and he made the cut. I thank him again for having kept the stuff I rode that day (he started trials last year and… you know… he’s young, I’m older… he’s the teacher now:( ) He’s the one with dread locks

[EDIT] Chosen: No Dan Doerksen ain’t on that movie
An’so: Yes Nantes is in Britany for people living in Nantes… If you ask in deep britany the answer might be NO

there are some really skilled riders in that video! Too bad it’s so rainy outside, so I can’t practice :confused:
Nevertheless, I think you didn’t need to fake that 2nd seat drag jump :wink: the riding was impressing enough without.

keep up the good work! I hope to see more of you guys :slight_smile:


I liked ultimate wheel on rope pretty much!