Pretty Good Vid #3 - NZ & AUS Mostly street and flat

Hey all,

14 riders came together to bring some of the best riding ever seen from NZ and AUS.

Filmed over 6 hot days in towns around Northland, New Zealand.

(This is the short version of the PGV3, a longer version will follow in some months.)

It’s been a year since the first Pretty Good Video and a year since we formed our little group. The Pretty Good crew is a dream team which consists of some of the best NZ and AUS riders from teams around the two countries.

Chris Huriwai, Tirryn Nankivell, Chris Aitken, Brandon Nankivell, Mike Padial, Jack Purcell, Chris Champion, Sam La Hood, Tim Leathart, Daniel Wade, Steffan Safey and Duncan Shand

Man, that looks like a lot of fun! I wish we had something like that around here.

I’m hoping to be able to find anyone in the new england area who does some street riding to get tips and pointers from… after I can actually ride mine =) Awesome vid. It’s vids like that which made me buy my first unicycle a week and a half ago. Reminds me of when I used to skateboard, but without the need for a pavement everywhere =P