Presenting the UNICHOCK

This thing is a unichock, and I invented it. It’s like a portable kerb or step for doing a static mount. You put the wheel on the flat bit, and the weight of the wheel holds it all in place. The fatal flaw, of course, is that you leave it behind when you ride off.

You might want such a thing if you despair of ever learning to free mount, and prefer to waste time mastering this thing instead. I did manage a few mounts with it, but it’s worse than a step because of the drop as you roll off. It would have been better if I’d had a thinner plank to hand.

It was horrible enough to finally drive me to make a concerted effort to learn to static free mount, which I can now more or less manage, so it was eventually somewhat helpful.

You also have to hop on higher. It is easier when your feet at at the same level as the tire. and doesn’t the plank flip upwards when you apply too much pressure at the “kerb”-side?

I learned freemount without a kerb. Just during one week every evening go through the frustration of trying to stay put once on top and occasionally hold on to my car to make some rotations to get the feel of riding, so I know what to expect when sitting on top. It was a very frustrating period but very much worth it.

The extra height (just 1 cm) was a big reason why it was unpleasant to use. Before that, I had been using a big slab of wood as my portable kerb, and started with the second foot at ground level, rather than on the slab. It never flipped though, the weight of the wheel on the plank was always more than the back pedal pressure.

I found UniMyra’s “antigravity” video a great help in finally mastering the static free mount, if only because it made sense after my body worked out what I had to do. For a long time, I was stepping up by putting all my weight on the back pedal (left foot), and could not manage to unweight it at all. I broke the cycle by doing small hops with the right foot, while keeping the pedals level, until I could bring the right foot all the way to the pedal without the uni shooting back under me. Everyone has a different way forward! I can static freemount most of the time now, at the price of a bad habit of doing a couple of calibration hops.

just a block without the board attached is all you need, it doesn’t need to be very big. If you wanted you could add a string and pull it up once you were on your way.


you could just free mount like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: (I know it feels impossible, but it’s much easier than you think it is)

When I was learning I would use a pine cone or a stick, maybe a pebble, whatever I could find laying around on the ground. Within a day or two of that point you are mostly on your way to mastering free mounting and you can laugh at yourself for needing those silly contraptions.

That’s what I’m doing here!

Funny that you make the hops like Unigeezer, I’ve been trying to teach myself to do that too, but most of the time when mounting Im already too far forward so I take off right away. I thought that it would be perfect for me to do on single trails through the forest, because I always swerve when mounting during the first revolution. On a single trail that means running into a higher side and tumbling off again. So I don’t see it as a bad habit.

I can’t hop (like unicycle hopping) at all! I mean that starting a freemount, I do one or two small jumps with the right foot, halfway to the front pedal, before planting the foot and riding, because that was my way into freemounting. I too have a swerve problem as I take off.