Pre hop issues

So today I decided to try somebody’s advice and try to add a longer pre hop to improve my jump height. I usually go 1/2-1 foot away from the object and do a tiny pre hop and stomp as hard as I can then go up. This time I tried moving around 2 feet away and jumping to the side then up. This didn’t work at all. Making a longer pre hop completely killed my height. With the shorter pre hop I can do around 4 pallets. With the long I could sometimes do 3.

I’m pretty bad at gapping so maybe I just don’t have enough control to make the long jump a good pre hop?

Should I just keep working at it or go back to short pre hops?

Pre hops kill my side hope also. I truly dont like them.

If you don’t have good control in your gappin’ then I would work on that before you try to do a longer pre-hop. I can’t pre-hop at all, but I have noticed that really good jumpers have a larger pre-hop. I think practicing longer gaps on flat ground would defintely be required to get the control needed to improve your pre-hop.

You should aim for a slightly longer prehop but a foot more is too much to start with. Gradually build it up, its hard to start with because you havent learned to transfer sideways momentum into upwards

Thanks fo the help guys! I’ve been practicing and I’m starting to get better at it