practice riding more!?

I was going to start riding to school in the morning…
but my parents immediately rejected my proposal today…won’t let me because its too dangerous (i’d ride at 5:45 since class starts at 6:45 and its 6.5miles and I am slow…thus training.) (sunrises at 6:45 right now so it is pretty dim)

afterschool…I’m always busy doing homework, or doing other school activities…
leaving me with weekends, which aren’t always very free either.

I’m just a bit disappointed :\ because I thought this would be the best practice I could get for my time… (riding as commute)

So, other than riding as commute…there’s no other way to ride while being productive in other ways…is there?

and thus my actual question for this thread. after that very long ramble.
how feasible is, reading literature(books…etc…) while riding? (any style riders’ input appreciated :])

Reading whilst Riding will lead to imminent Face plant. Just prioritise your afternoons better so that you can fit in a bit of unicycling time.

Study breaks are awesome for unicycling round the block or just trying something new. takes your mind of work and relaxes you. Tell your Mom that and see what she says :wink:

Parents are like that. My mother doesn’t like my unicycling activities much either. I’ve also ridden a motorcycle for the last 12 years, and I still haven’t told her about it because she wouldn’t approve (the biggest problem is explaining to my kids why they can’t mention the motorcycle to grandma). If she had a computer and knew how to use it, I would not be writing this.

Sounds dangerous. I don’t think i would tell my mother.

Very feasible. One of the first pictures I ever saw of a unicycle was of a guy riding while reading. If you can ride with one hand held still then you can ride while reading. Of course if you’re anywhere that the terrain is uneven you’ll have to focus on that not the book but for road riding you could do it.

Road riding while reading?? (cool alliteration!) That’s an easy way to get ran over… Or to run over a pedestrian and hit the deck… I wouldn’t try it, not unless you’re totally sure the way in front is empty, and even I’d be scared of hitting ruts/grids…

If you can walk and read, you should be able to uniRead.


Step one: Drop out of school, who needs it anyways?

Step two: Proceed to ride your unicycle more.

Problem solved.


I wish I could do that sometimes…

I agree that this is typical of parents.
My mother is always worrying about the dangers of unicycling.

However, since I am 65 and my mother has just celebrated her 90th birthday, I don’t take much notice. :D:D:D


Txt messaging and riding is another useful one. No problem, as Shmolagin says about reading.

Riding with your eyes closed is no problem either. It’s fun - give it a try. Just so long as you don’t lose sight of where it is you’re going.

hmmm…which is more dangerous riding pre-dawn or riding a unicycle while reading with possible traffic and pedestrians. This is similar to texting while walking. Did you ever see that video of the lady texting while walking and she falls into the fountain?

Have you thought of discussing with your parents the possibility of riding public transportation part of the way (when the sun hasn’t come up) and then ride your uni the rest of the way? Explain to your parents that unicycling is safer than riding a bicycle, (i.e., almost always fall on your feet, unicycles go much slower than bicycles, unicycles are noticed more, etc.).

Good luck!!!

ohh…if I were to read while riding(to train) it’d be probably taking loops around my neighborhood…but there are still cars. haha

I guess if I want to exercise, I should go touside, run and read. :]

Unicycle on weekends :sunglasses:

My parents let me unicycle places on the weekend, but unless I’m on bike-trail or similar path with no motorized vehicle, I’m not allowed to bike…

if i want to get some fastfood or go to my friends’ house or the park?
“can i go biking for a bit?”


Myra, your post cracked me up.

unicycleharry, it sounds like your parents need to read the forum a bit, and/or watch some videos showing unicycles on the road, perhaps they’re stand may soften a bit. (Just don’t show them any Kris Holm or similar ones, that would only make it worse.) (Although your age may also be a factor, you don’t mention that detail.) Unicycling is at least as safe as regular bicycling, and, statistically, has fewer (reported) injuries. (Refer them to scholarly report here: What Was Your Worst Unicycling Injury? , but be careful not to let them read the rest of the thread, which shows numerous unicycle injuries – not the right direction to go I think.)
If their main complaint against commuting to school is the dark early morning, then perhaps you could bring it along with you to school in the morning (assuming you get a ride), and then ride it home in the afternoon, when the sun is nicely illuminating the landscape? Sounds like a good compromise to me. Good luck!

thanks Lance!
I actually rode home today :slight_smile:
When I tried to tell them it’s risky…but everything is risky…they were adamant about not letting me ride in the morning. But…I got a compromise
i brought my uni to school.
My dad let me do so…under the condition I was in bed by 12. haha…yeah…I guess not bad if I can get myself to change my habit of sleeping too late + getting to ride uni

I’m a senior in HS. They say…do w/e u want when your in college…but not now

Getting to bed by 12 seems worth getting to ride your uni. Just hope they really mean what they say about when you’re in college.