Practice... and a breaking Savage.

Hey guys I was practicing out in the front of my house today, and got some good practice in. I got the seat-behind-the-back riding technique done pretty good now, actually being able to make wide turns now (well most of the time). Still have the seat-in-front technique to go. But what I want to know is where you guys look to get the instructions to do all the other techniques such as walking-the-wheel, and riding on the stomach, and what other mounts are there than the basic rock-back mount, the non-rock-back mount, and… that is all I know. Hahaha. I read the 10 skill level benchmark evaluator thingy, and read all these foreign names. Maybe you guys “just do it” with you mad skills? Teach me how!

Also I noticed that one of my screws on my crank shaft on my Savage uni is stripped! I don’t know if i can get that replaced or what? But, what is my Savage anyways (brandwize?)? I got that seat with the metal bumpers in the front and back, no handles… I am looking into getting a black torker. Is that a good idea? I don’t got the money to spend on a really good one, that’s why. Advice?

Thanks! :smiley:

Ahhh Savage… Brings me back to the good old days. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised when you upgrade to a Torker. I would say that it will definitely be a step up. I started with a Savage, and that seat is a killer! A Savage is a good place to start, and it sounds like you have gotten out of it what they are designed for-- they are a great unicycle to learn on and to decide if it’s something you want to pursue. But they do break relatively easy. Sounds like that’s what is happening to yours. I’ve heard mostly good things about Torkers, but not having ridden one myself, maybe I should refrain from too many more comments. But the Torker looks pretty nice, and I would say that, just by looking at it, you’d be getting your money’s worth by getting that one. Anyone else have comments, 'cause I have no clue what I’m talking about.
P.S. Go for the Black Torker. It’s $25.00 more, but will be much nicer and last longer. My extra 2 bits.

If you’re looking for a good, inexpensive replacement for the Savage, go with the Black Torker. I had one and they are an excellent beginner uni. Now you just have to decide on which size, a 20 or 24

Thanks for the info guys. I was originally thinking that I wanted to get the 24 inch Black Torker because my Savage was not broken at the time. Wanted to have a uni that I could go Cruizin on more. But now that I think about it, I don’t really go that far on my uni, just fart around, so I think I should go for the 20 inch yeah? Plus the 20 inch Black Torker is cheaper than the 24 inch Black Torker, right?

Something is also terribly wrong with my Savage. Well, not terribly, but anyway. The handle thing to adjust the seat height completely came off, so I can’t raise the seat any more. And it’s super low. Well, low enough for trials, but not for long distance. And on the plus side, it’s low enough so that I’ve learned the jump mount now. But I can’t go uphill easily, or for long distance.

My handle for the seat adjustment also broke. So I found a nut and bolt to replace it and have to use socket wrenches to adjust the height. Yeah and once you get the seat height up there, you find that the seat shaft is not long at all, can’t accomodate riders any tall than I, I would imagine. I am 5’7". We need new unicycles! :wink:

Looks like i’m not the only one…

I also think that i have outgrown my savage, god knows i’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. I would be interested to know how you make out with the search for a new uni…

Presently I think that I am going to go for a black torker. If the shop around where I work has a good price I will get it. Was thinking the 24 inch wheel, but now I think I am going to stick with the 20 incher so that I can do more tricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also know of a bike shop here that has the Yuni Muni with 3.0 tire and Miyata seat. It’s going for $320 I believe. If you want something that will last a little longer then the Torker and can go off road, this is your cycle. Of course the Torker is good too.


I’ve had both the Black Torker and now own a 24x3 Yuni Muni.

The Torker’s good if you’re on a budget, if you’ve got a little extra money to spend, the Yuni Muni is great for almost anything except commuting. The 3" Gazz doesn’t have the best rolling resistance when put on pavement

I am going to get the Black Torker by the end of this week. I looked at the Bike Shop yesterday and inspected it. Man, is it just me or is the Black Torker lighter than my Savage? But, now I think I might sell my Savage. How much do you think I should sell it to my co-worker for? He wants one cheap, I don’t know how much I want to let it go for. And it is not worth shipping to anyone in the mainland because of the 20+ dollar shipping.

Hey Daniel, are you going to ride on Friday after work? Let me know, I think I can come out, too. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I’ll be out with one of my friends. We are going to Kakaako Beach Park, unless you have a better idea. Everyone here is invited! You get off at 4 right? I’ll try to be there by 4:10 or so. Check your PM’s for my phone number. If you have the black Torker by then bring it along with the savage, I want to have a look at it. If you don’t, just bring the Savage. I’ll try to bring as many uni’s as I can for you to try out. I’m not sure how good of a ride I’m going to have. I dislocated my shoulder playing ultimate frisbee last week. Dr. said I should take it easy for a few weeks.

See you on Friday.

Ok Daniel, check your PM for my numbers. Kakaako sounds good, I never ridden anywhere else besides home. I will try and bring my Savage, but this morning the darndest thing happened. I brought it to work and my co-worker new how to ride it. After talking a bit I told him I was going to get a torker, so he asked what I was going to do with the Savage. He wants to buy it from me, might be by the end of this week! So yeah, if I don’t sell it I will bring it along with the black torker I will be getting today or tomorrow. Maybe my co-worker will come along too, I will ask him. Hey yah that would be great to see all your unicycles! How many do you have? I will give you a call before Friday to confirm plans. :smiley: Laters!