Powershift Hub

I just happened across this new product for bicycles:

and I immediately thought of Schlumpf/GUNI.

A few slight problems with the application to unis:

  • ratios are 1:1 and 1:0.7, for unis you’d want 1:1 and 1:1.5
  • it’s all bike tech, through axle and space for 11-speed cassette.

Cool tech though, and likely to be made in much greater quantities than the Schlumpf. I’m no kind of engineer, so I won’t be modding one of these myself.

I don’t think it would fit a uni. As a lot of similar projects there are two main issues:

  • the first one is the freewheel which is generally undesired on a guni
  • the second one is the weakness of the hub which would probably not tolerate the effort we put on our unis
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Looks like it works very much like a normal internally geared hub, which has two problems when you try to apply it to a unicycle: the clutches are unidirectional, and they are designed around a stationary center shaft, while on a unicycle the center part needs to be the input.

I saw this on YouTube, and also immediately thought about application in unicycles. But this gear system, like almost all designed for bikes, transmits power in one direction only. Would only be useable in a freewheeling unicycle, not a normal one. And then again, finnspin mentions that there is no stationary centre shaft in a unicycle hub.

So no, what’s interesting to me is the powershift system itself. If this could somehow be incorporated in the Schlumpf hub, you could do away with that cumbersome way of gear shifting by kicking a button.

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