Powerball Supplier

Hi everyone,

A bit off of the subject here, but what with unicycling, I am also a supplier of Powerballs.

See www.powerballs.co.uk

I can provide them for 20 pound sterling (UK) per ball, or a lot less if you want multiples, am offering this to folk that I know, and come into contact with and it’s a pretty good deal, 5 pound less than the retail price!

This includes P&P, I take Paypal and now the buyer doesn’t pay anything at all to paypal now it’s changed its rules.

Sorry to be advertising, but I wanted to provide you guys with the opportunity to purchase them, whilst I had the last few in stock.

If ya interested either email fontiminal@yahoo.com or Apapike@yahoo.com



p.s. Can post worldwide but I am afraid that will be at cost.