Hey the uni im getting is plain silver which i think is a bit boring. I was thinking of maybe powder coating it orange ( trying not to copy u Spencer but it looks so good lol ). How much does powder coating cost and do u reckon i should or does it like wear off over time or anything. If u got any tips for me on powder coating like if i need some special coating on it after it has been powder coated or anything plz tell me.
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thers been loads of threads askin the same thing. give it a search and see what you find.

Where ever you get it done will know if that color needs a top(clear) coat or not. It will wear and chip, but much much less than pretty much any other paint job you could do to it.

most people charge around a hundred for a whole uni from what i have heard. you dont need any clear coat or anything to go over it. it lasts longer than any spraypaint job.

Not true. Some colors need a clear coat. Without it, it will be too porous and collect dirt and will scuff up. Most colors do not need a clear coat but some def. do, 'specialy if your p-coating your cranks which rub against your shoes alot. This only matters if you are doing it yourself, as any professional will not(hopefully) do it wrong. Infact most of them will use a top coat type color.

Alot of powder coating is done on engine parts and those parts will never be rubed aganst the dirty leather of a shoe, or get dropped in the grass. Also alot of powder coating is done in layers to get fancier colors. So usally you start with a porous base layer and end with a candy type top coat. A clear coat ontop may also give more protection to your expensive paint job.

a clear coat will give better protection but not that much of a better one.

do they sell D.I.Y. meltal painting stuff at hardware stores? I was thinking about getting my uni powder coated, but not if it’s $100. i think Bedford charge something like $30 for a frame.


you can buy spray paint that works for really cheap. if yo do that clear coat it though
if you take a complete but taken apart uni into a shop to get it PC it will be around 100.

Rustoleum is used on tractors. This stuff won’t come off. This guy did his whole car with it. Seems to work alright.

Orange is cool! You should be able to get it done at most shops that do powder coating for around $30-$50.

It’s always cheaper if they already have the color you want leftover from a job. If not, than there’s a “setup” fee, which is pretty steep. So call around, see if they have the color you want leftover from a recent job.

You may have to leave them your phone number and have them call you when/if they end up with some extra from a job. Tell them that you have only small parts, like the frame which is only a fork and neck, then whatever other parts you want to powder coat. As for the durability, powder coated stuf lasts way longer than painting something yourself. They also put a clear coat over the prange so it’s extra durable! :slight_smile:


tight, is that spencers?

Mine Muaaahhhhh!:stuck_out_tongue:

If i do street and trials, which means i fall alot and my uni gets banged up, would a D.I.Y. paint job be trashed after a couple months of riding. Even if i do two coats of paint and a clear coat?



It depends on the paint you use, who paints/preps it (you), and how well you follow instructions. This stuff was originally used on tractors that get beat up in the fields and brutalized by the seasons. I suggest this stuff. This is the stuff I am going to use when my KH gets messed up or I get bored of the color. You can buy it at almost any place.


wat about car paint?

right now i have a blue kh20 with orange pedals. the orange and blue looks o.k. but too many people have blue unis. i was thinking of going with a deep purple uni and light blue pedals. i can’t have a purple uni and orange pedals, because then I might be called a vikings van. Are pedals easy to paint/powdercoat? or do they have to many little surfaces and angles to be painted?


Pedals should by fine to powder coat. The only thing Ive had trouble p-coating are spokes and spoke nipples. You will have to be able to take the pedals apart to do it.

No problem at all.:smiley:


Did you have those p-coated? or did they come orange, I’ve seen those same pedals in Dan’s Comp that come in all sorts of colors