PowderCoat :D

Well… I did it! I got it done! :smiley:

I got my trials frame powder coated, candy green.

The pics dont look anywere as near as good at what it does in ‘wheel’ life!

Pics are HERE!


Im still waiting for my KH hub and cranks off Roger! :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet, that looks awesome!

Your photos tugged at my imagination… reminded me of something… What was it?..Ah yes-


LOL kool.

I will stick some more pics up when i get my wheel. It may take a while tho…


Wow, that powder coats looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


That looks beautiful. Is it a custom made frame?


Re: PowderCoat :smiley:

That colour looks awesome.


It looks like a Yuni (or Nimbus II) frame to me. Right Joe?


Your right Nikki! It stared life as this…

Just a standard Nimbus II (or YUni) frame.

Pleased you like the paint! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive just this minute bought some new pedals. They look cool. They’re Kona.


Whoa, it’s pretty… I want to paint my frame sometime. But my mom probably won’t let me, because she’ll find it useless. And it is, but at least the frame will look all perdy.