Powder Coating Ideas?

Hi, I’m going to get my Uni powdercoated very soon. i was just wondering if you guys have any cool ideas/colour combos, etc.

what color rim do you have?

and are you doing the frame or the rim? or the frame and the rim?

haha just pick some colors you like.

i prefer bright colors.

i have a KH black rim with ,blue rim tape (that im gettin rid of) and a bedford frame. i was thinking colours of the jamaican flag- i like the green yellow combo. or i was going to get a black frame and then a custom job on the rim-like the one Hugo did for emile or like jerrik has, or something like the orange bud but im having trouble deciding

Hmm… Well it seems you can do metallic or holographic effects with powder coating, so that might be quite cool. Some Googling turned up a page about a woodgrain effect - if you got the frame and the rim done and the effect was convincing I think it would be really different!

(Here’s the link - although it’s not very helpful!)

Go to your powdercoater and see what they have. One here can do malti colors, wood grains, hammer finish, almost anything you want.

Once you get it coated ask them if they have a clear coat run coming up. They might run your frame thru several times for a decent price. It would end up with a really deep wet finish.